Join Two Collections

Has anyone ever used this (see screen shot)...I want to join two collections together, but I'm not sure how to fill out the inputs.
I have a collection with Record ID's and a second collection with Record ID's and I want to join them together. Collection 1 is single rows, but Collection 2 is many rows. to many type join.



You can simply add rows to your collection 2 and use a multicalc stage to add data or simply use Append Rows to collection VBO to achieve the same.
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I was hoping someone could just tell me how to use that Join Collections Object...I know there are other ways around it, but I was hoping to understand more about this object and what needs to be passed into it.


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Hi smithmrk,

I haven't got the new Collections Extended VBO with me to take a look at it.
But parameters 1, 2 and 3 appear to be straight forward if anyone knows something like SQL joins. You can do a web search if unaware of that.
To know what 'Join Type' is can you take a look at the Code stage of this action and see if it is understandable enough to know where/how it is used.