Kill Adobe Reader

Hi All,

I am trying to kill Adobe Reader process via Blue Prism (AcroRd32.exe). I am doing by Utility Environment - Kill Process. The stage passes successfully without any errors but the process is not killed.
Any suggestions.

I tried with "AcroRd32.exe" , "*AcroRd32" and "AcroRd32" as well.

Thanks in Advance
Hello folks, I tried tried with "AcroRd32.exe" , "*AcroRd32" and "AcroRd32" with wait stage. No luck. Any other way to close the PDF Adobe Reader ?
Ghavya's answer is the correct way.

In case you're not aware, to find the correct process name for the Kill Proces action, open the application (in this case, Adobe) and then go to Task Manager in Windows. Go to the Processes tab and highlight the Adobe process. Right-click and select Properties. You will see the process name (for example, for Firefox it is "firefox.exe"). Enter the process name without the extension in the Kill Process configuration.