Metabot for converting json to xml


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I am trying out Rest API call using automation anywhere. I get a response in the json format. Lets say I get something like this => {"error":false,"message":"68fd08f0-d5f4-11e8-b01b-db6ba7af2de6"}

Now i am trying to get the value of message from it. Since there is no default JSON parsing in Automation Anywhere i am trying to use a dll(metabot) to convert the JSON data to XML. its the Newtonsoft.json.dll(which can be found in your AA client directory). In the logic part, I tried to use XmlDocument DeserializeXmlNode(String value) function which is available under Newtonsoft.Json->JsonConvert.
when i run the logic i get "cannot create abstract class" error. can someone kindly help.

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