ML integration with Blue Prism

Hi @sambrao ,
1.Write your python script code in
separate .py file. then save .py file on Local Drive.
2.Write program in code stage to execute python code and it will give you output that you want.
3.Make sure you have installed pandas package in your python env.
4.Make sure your import should be on first line remove first print statement from program.
5.Follow all steps which is given in Post.

I hope it will help you..!
Hi Friends,

I need to attach a Python Method with Parameter Arguments.
Kindly let me know how to pass in the & get the output value using Code Stage. A sample Python code and execution is given below:

***Here is the sample Python Script:--

class P:
age = 25
def __init__(self, name, alias): = name # public
self.__alias = alias # private

def who(self):
print('name : ',
print('alias : ', self.__alias)

***Execution of Python:--

x = P('Ramani','N')
result = x.who()

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks and regards,
Ramani Nagarajan
Yes, the issue I have been faced When I run that script, the Output Success is True and easy to apply, but the Result is nothing why did it happen please resolve my query. I have a little bit of knowledge about ML because now I start to learn from CETPA Infotech.