MS Outlook Email VBO - unable to get emails

Hi Deepu0322,

Using MS Outlook email VBO - Action - 'Get Received Item (Expert)'
I am able to read mail on my machine when I run it in debug and from control from and run on my own machine,
But when I run it on some other machine , no mail is coming and not giving any error also.

Could you please advice.
The email already at outlook or server? This outlook vbo only access your outlook not the mail server.
I have mails in my outlook itself. But when I run process on my own machine it gives out put but when I run it from control room on some other machine, even though outlook installed on that machine and mails are present in outlook, process does not fetch the mails and even do not give any error.
Running process first time from control room..... "MS Outlook email VBO" - Action - 'Get Received Item (Expert)' do not give any output and shows 0 mails as count. whereas, on immediate 2nd or 3rd run in control room, shows the actual mail count. Not sure whether it is related to priority of resource machine or anything else ?

If anyone have any clue please advice .