Multiple process on same machine


How can I run 2 or more process at the same time on same machine, if both process have front end activities or partial front end activities
You can have multiple resource PCs on the same VM/machine.

Start them using the CLI and mention different ports for each one (default port = 8181).
In the Blue Prism executable folder, use the command "automate.exe /user {username} {password} /resourcepc /public /port 8191", "automate.exe /resourcepc /public /port 8192" etc.

NOTE: Even though it is possible to have multiple sessions on same VM, I strongly advice against it, due to below limitations:
1. Sharing the foreground window in different processes is next to impossible.
2. License limitations.
3. Hardware burden due to same VM running multiple processes
4. Blue Prism will NOT even allow you to run 2 foreground processes parallelly. Read about OBJECT RUN MODES.

Conclusion: For 2 foreground processes, it is NOT advisable to have them run parallelly.