PDF to EXCEL Automation PO

Hello Team,

Is there any API that converts PDF purchase orders to EXCEL file? Or any pdf to excel converter software? The pdf format is bit complicated and semi or unstructured data. It's not tabular data. One line item will have 5 columns like Number, Desc, Qty, UOM, Unit price. But in the pdf, there is no clear line/border to separate these columns. Also, the line item may be multi-line - like the Desc column is 2 lines for 1st line item, 3 lines for 2nd line item.

Attached the sample with line items.

Please support.


It's possible to extract the information you need by using the PDF Extract Text activity, ensuring that the "Structured text" option is selected, and looping through each line of the resulting text file. You can use regular expressions with the various String Operations to get the information you need.