Solved process will run fine in debug mode but not from Scheduler


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I scheduled my process once It ran smoothly in debug mode but it will not start in the scheduler, can anyone point in down the correct troubleshooting path for this issue?

Not sure where to start.

Thanks in advance!


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Have you checked the logs? Or does the process not start at all? Maybe the timing is wrong or the process is not assigned to a resource (within the task that is assigned to the schedule). My first advice for all troubleshooting is to look around very carefully in the window for all options and settings.


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Duh, I did something really stupid and then realised, I generally schedule a screen unlock as well as the process but forgot to add an "On Complete" -_-;;


A bit trigger happy with the help post, thanks tho
i have an issue in scheduling a process. it shows the pending symbol in the scheduler part, but at the exact time to start it changes to red sign indicating it didnt run. I have checked the log but it brings the error of "time out waiting for valid connection". Kindly help with a solution. Thanks.