Properties in Credentials

What are the different properties we can give when creating a credentials in BP? And use of those properties. Please explain
Additional properties are nothing but {key:value} pairs that can be stored alongside the credentials.
You can get a property value with Action : Get Property of VBO : Credentials
You can store any {key:value} pairs in properties. Example : {name:Bala} , {date:1/8/2021}
There are no predefined properties for credentials. As sahil_raina_91 stated in post #2, they are for storing user-defined custom information within a credential, which you can use later when you read the credential. For example, I have an application that my automation interacts with that requires a region code to be entered upon login, in addition to the user ID and password. When I read the credential, I store the User ID, password, and the region code from the credential into data items. My login process uses these data items to populate the UserID, Password, and Region Code fields during login.

Hope this helps.