Reading PDF file

Hi All ,

I am not able to read PDF file in blue prism it is new for me .I tried to perform the task with two ways

1)launch the internet explorer and pass the path of the PDF file but unable to spy the PDF .
2)Launch the window application with the adobe reader exe file but again i am facing the same issue i.e unable to read the PDF file .

Is there any other way in the blue prism to work with the PDF .

Sumit Sharma


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use chrome to launch ur pdf file

if u r use chrome in chrome no window will be opened close all before exisisting tabs
Thanks mohan It is working now but is there any way to work with the internet explorer because i am able to launch the pdf with ie but not able to spy the pdf .
Is there any way to work with adobe reader..i hv to use only adobe reader and i am able to launch and spy but not able to read.. it seems postion of text changes and it fails to recognise.. i changed to region position from fixed to anywhere but still it is not able to read..
You should be able to open up a PDF with IE. I do it all the time with version 11. But regardless of this, PDFs come in two flavors. If the PDF content is an image of a document you will need to try OCR. If it has content that can be selected (Ctrl+A) you can select all of the content copy to the clipboard then paste into a text data object for further processing.

how is it possible to spy elements on a pdffile when opening Pdf Reader?
I have problems in spying elements.
'There was an error during the spying operation.' and no attributes are returned.

Any help would be appreciated.