Recovery stage is linked back to main process

My process is giving weird error, I am using recover while working on objects and want it to retry it twice before marking it failed. I connected everything fine but it is giving "Recovery stage is linked back to main process" error.
Can anyone suggest?


Even though everything is connected, exception handling is not correct.

In case of Retry NO path, you are neither resuming the current exception nor throwing it back.
You have simply continued the flow with Send Email, ignoring the exception caught by Recover
@shail/others(Suggestion pl)

I updated recover & resume per your suggestion but my process is going in end less loop which should not happen. Check screenshot attached:

Any suggestion is highly appreciated


Whatever is causing the error in the Benefit Studio - Citrix stage Take Screenshot step is not resolved. Because your recovery stage is linked back to the main process flow, then each time you run it, the error happens again on the Take Screenshot step and you get the error again, resulting in an endless loop of error and recover. Find what is causing the error and add steps to resolve it right before the Resume stage. Turn on full logging on all stages in order to get enough log detail to see what is happening on every stage. Do this in your process and in the Benefit Studio - Citrix object. You need log data to properly diagnose the issue.

Based on the very limited information you've provided in the screenshot, and not knowing the requirement of this automation, I might also suggest that on the Retry? decision, after sending email you should either throw an exception or End. Throwing an exception will (depending on the error handling on the page which called this one) either cause the case to be marked as exception or will cause the process to terminate. End will return you back to the calling page, where presumably you have some exception handling in place to handle the exception before moving to the next case. It is difficult to diagnose the issue properly without screenshots of the flow on the current page and the calling page. It is most important to resolve the issue with the Take Screenshot step before processing further.