Return a value using javascript in blueprism


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How to return a value from web page in blue prism using java-script??
In invoke java script function we have arguments but to give only inputs.
how to get the output value in to a data item.



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I'm also interested in. Insert Javascript Fragment action can accept data item as input, but how to output result back in data item?


The "Outputs" tab is blank. Or is there another way please ?


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I think, what I did back then was using javascript (Insert Javascript Fragment) to:
1. create textarea
2. assign an ID to textarea
3. assign output value to textarea a.k.a write value in it
Then with Blue Prism, I read the value from element and stored it in data item.
I probably had element saved in Application modeler with dynamic ID so that I could use "Read" stage of Blue Prism


@tomahawk1 has provided the answer. Basically you have to inject a textarea, hidden input, or some other HTML element that you your Javascript can write it's output value to. Then you can set up your Blue Prism process or object to read the value from that HTML element.