Running one process on two resource PCs

I am trying to run one process on two resource PCs simultaneously. The process has been designed to use a lock on files that can't be accessed simultaneously and uses a queue to get the items.

The only way I have gotten this to work is by duplicating the process and running the duplicated at the same time the two resource PCs. This seems like an incorrect workaround solution, as now I have to make fixes to two files that are duplicates of each other.

What is the correct way to run one process on two resource PCs, with the aim of cutting down processing time to half?
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The very purpose of having environment locking is to restrict simultaneous access to something.

Here are couple of approaches :

1. Remove lock, READ the excel file in READ MODE (multiple bots can read the file at same time in READ MODE)
This is assuming that the file data is not to be written or edited, ONLY reading the data from file is needed.
1.1 If editing the file in necessary, instead of editing the file directly, store the edited data in Work queue using SET DATA action, and update the file in one go with new data which can be fetched from queue.

2. Add all relevant data needed for processing in the Work Queue Item Data, to eliminate the need to open the file again.

You need to explain what exactly are you doing with those files, for us to propose a better solution.
Creaete a separate process that loads the work queue from the input file. Run this process on only 1 bot. No need for environment locking in this scenario, since only 1 bot will need to access the input file. Once the work queue is loaded, you should be able to run the main process on multiple bots. Blue Prism will handle the locking and unlocking of work items for you automatically, so that only 1 bot at a time will work on a given work item in the queue. As sahil_raina mentioned, store any intermediate results of calculations etc back to the work queue via SET DATA during processing. If there is any reporting to be done at the end of the process, follow the same idea: a separate process for the report generation step, run on only 1 bot.

This is the way we do it in our organization. One bot loads the work queue, then multiple bots work the items in the queue, and 1 bot does the reporting at the end. We have had as many as 35 bots working a single process and work queue this way.