Solved Save Excel file as password protected

Hi Guys,

I have a scenario where I have to save the excel as password protected.How should I go about this.
Can it be done in BluePrism or do we need to use code stage?

Hi Bharathrhegde,
U need to go for MS Excel VBO and go for protect workbook and provide a password with data item for the workbook u want to protect.
Then ur workbook is protected from other users.
I am trying to edit the code stage in Protect workbook,however when I compile I get the error GetWorkbook is not declared.Any inputs?
Did you backed up original ‘MS Excel’ VBO, and edited the code on the duplicated VBO?
'GetWorkbook' can be found in 'Global Code' on 'Initialise' page of MS Excel VBO.
This error will not occur if you edit it on the duplicated VBO.