Thoughtonomy Help.......Please?


Just wondering if anyone can give me any guidance on the MI side of Thoughtonomy.

I'm the data architect, and I've done the training, but it didn't cover anything about the dashboards, and how to get MI info from it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



I just need anything!

We have an automation that runs every 20 minutes. I can find the info for that, but I need to find out, within that automation, how many checks it does for us. I can only seem to find if the automation ran successfully, and not how many jobs it performed successfully within that automation.

Driving me potty! Lol


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@DeviousDi it might be worth adding a counter to the process to increment by 1 each time a case is processed, then add a new item to a work queue (named Process A - MI) for example with the timestamp and volume complete.

Then you can create a simple MI process which runs at the end of the day to extract the volume processed by execution time to Excel for reporting purposes.

Either that, or if the process uses work queues, just extract the case data from the work queue screen in Control Room. That will give you the cases processes, when they were processed, the case handling time etc.

What version of Connect are you using? You should be able to go to Utilisation and generate some reports to highlight how busy the platform is at the points of the day



Hopefully this was useful?