Unable to Close Particular Window Browser

Hi Everyone,

I am unable to close a particular window in web browser. When I am using terminate action it is terminating complete Web Application. I cannot rely on (X) button because i will be getting dynamic pages after performing click action in web application. Is there a way to close particular window.



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Hi manikanta komuravelli,

Which (X) button are you referring about? Is it the main X button on the top right corner OR the X button on the individual tabs?
Did you intend to say you would like to close a particular Tab among multiple tabs on the Browser application?
Hi Everyone,

I have 2 tabs open on Chrome browser (both the tabs have same window title) as per my process requirement once i have performed action on the second tab I need to close the tab.
For above action I have 2 elements 1 - spied in browser mode (to use global send key) and another in window mode (to use activate application).
Once I activate application using Win32 Mode then using Global send keys (in browser mode) I am using "^w" (which is closing the entire Chrome browser) and also "^F4" (for which there is no action taking place on browser) but still am unable to close the tab.
So can some one please help me out to solve the above issue.
I need to close the 2nd tab on the Chrome browser and keep the 1st tab working.