Why is RPA a resounding success today?

For many years, organizations are worried about increasing dependency on the human workforce as the complexity of the work is growing and companies are establishing businesses globally. This necessitates the availability of the human workforce 24/7 to serve the customers globally. Companies have to invest heavily in the latest technologies but high labor cost and unavailability of skilled resources have created an imbalance. Therefore, organizations are continuously looking for innovative techniques to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.
To find a reliable and efficient solution, organizations have started adopting digital transformation solutions to automate and optimize repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone processes. The software bots (aka RPA Bots) can be the solution to this problem by automating the business processes. RPA enables seamless integration across multiple business applications without any changes in existing infrastructure.
With RPA, businesses have succeeded in performing end-to-end automation of high volume, repetitive, rule-based and manual processes. Intelligent RPA mimics virtual humans and has catapulted Artificial Intelligence and expert systems to the next level of competency.

RPA and Artificial intelligence together enable organizations to understand the processes for automation intelligently. To address complex challenges, Machine Learning algorithms and business logic are integrated to create intelligent automated business and IT processes. Some of the features like chatbot can understand the natural language and provide the answer quickly without human intervention, which increases customer experience.

With big data, RPA gains the capabilities of Deep Learning and Machine Learning by employing predictive models. RPA is already on the path of cognitive automation, successfully solving problems just like humans. RPA is gaining experience from learning and making decisions based on prior learning.

RPA is getting widely used technology as it succeeded in freeing humans from routine jobs and allowed them to focus on more critical tasks. RPA become the most significant technological innovations for the global industry and have added a lot of success stories in its cap.
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