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Am Not Getting all Item Id's in Work Queue. I am using Action like get report data in that queue item count getting 17 items. This action I given like include Exception, Include Completed and Each attempts treat like separately are True.but item'id getting only completed items. Could you please help me.
Hi Sreejith,

I see you very active in RPA Forum so I bring this to you.

I have an Idea which is some thing tricky can you plz advice can we develop this using Blue Prism.

In short : when I press Ctrl+C bot should automatically past the data and maintain a .txt files with all the copies up to data.

Venkat Ramana
venkat ramana
In our daily life we use Ctrl+c for copy but when we press Ctrl+v it will only give last value but it will not get the before value of the last value.
Explanation with example:
lets say I want to searching for a movie in google and I want to take all movie name into one file I will run a bot which will paste the value for me into some location (to an .txt file) and give me the result.

Please let me know if any que?
I am sorry to say this, but I am still unclear of your requirement.
Let me just put this on the table. What I could grasp from all the above comments is that: Whenever you press CTRL+C in a machine(I hope its a machine rather than a specific application), you expect a bot which is running in background to capture all those copied data and save it in a file. And you want the bot to do this every time you press CTRL+C
venkat ramana
Yes sreejith .
My Development is done all most and thanks for your response.

I will share my xml if you needed just sharing knowledge.

Can you send me the video which you created fro this thread "How to Trigger a Process while a mail arrives?"
Hi Adi,

Can you please share Healthcare Related use cases to my emailID Thanks In advance
Hi.. I am using automation anywhere. I created a simple metabot and added a .dll file to it. But when I tried to call that metabot in a task, It is now shown in the my metabot list. Can anyone help??
Hi Aron, can you explain the process for completing RPA challenge using automation anywhere
I tried using object cloning but failed to complete.
Hi All,

I want to select multiple values from a list. i want to do it with by using "<{CTRL}>" and i am using "Global Mouse Click". after performing click again i am releasing "{CTRL}". But i am getting following error.
Internal : Failed to perform step 2 in Navigate Stage 'Navigate1' on page 'MultiActivity' - Keyword "CTRL" is not valid.
Can some one guide me how to complete this task ... !! Thank you :)