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Automation Anywhere Enterprise can be used for below reasons:
•No programming knowledge is required. You can record your actions, or point and click the action wizards.
•Eliminates the element of the human error
•Increases transaction speed and allows to save time and costs
•Helps you to automate data transfers and import or export data between files or applications.
•Scale from Desktop to Data Center
How to spy elements of Active Directory via Blue Prism
I am able to launch active directory(AD). However, i am unable to spy its elements. Could someone guide me through it. Or else let me know, what specific changes need to be made in the code stage of the Utility of System-Active Directory. To enable us to add users into AD groups.

Aditi Garg
How to send particular attachment to particular mail, Using loop to continue the process
In Automation Anywhere tool ?
• If you want to attach any file type, click the 'Attach' button.
• If you want to attach values of all variables, click the 'Variables' button*.
* Available from version 8.1 onward
This will append a text file that lists values of all the variables (System and User Defined) used in
the TaskBot / Meta Bot Logic.
Note: The System Variable Excel Cell will not be attached as the values input are dynamic.
Or Else create VB script and execute with AA
Am Not Getting all Item Id's in Work Queue. I am using Action like get report data in that queue item count getting 17 items. This action I given like include Exception, Include Completed and Each attempts treat like separately are True.but item'id getting only completed items. Could you please help me.
Hi Sreejith,

I see you very active in RPA Forum so I bring this to you.

I have an Idea which is some thing tricky can you plz advice can we develop this using Blue Prism.

In short : when I press Ctrl+C bot should automatically past the data and maintain a .txt files with all the copies up to data.

Venkat Ramana
venkat ramana
In our daily life we use Ctrl+c for copy but when we press Ctrl+v it will only give last value but it will not get the before value of the last value.
Explanation with example:
lets say I want to searching for a movie in google and I want to take all movie name into one file I will run a bot which will paste the value for me into some location (to an .txt file) and give me the result.

Please let me know if any que?
I am sorry to say this, but I am still unclear of your requirement.
Let me just put this on the table. What I could grasp from all the above comments is that: Whenever you press CTRL+C in a machine(I hope its a machine rather than a specific application), you expect a bot which is running in background to capture all those copied data and save it in a file. And you want the bot to do this every time you press CTRL+C
venkat ramana
Yes sreejith .
My Development is done all most and thanks for your response.

I will share my xml if you needed just sharing knowledge.

Can you send me the video which you created fro this thread "How to Trigger a Process while a mail arrives?"
Hi Adi,

Can you please share Healthcare Related use cases to my emailID Thanks In advance
Hi.. I am using automation anywhere. I created a simple metabot and added a .dll file to it. But when I tried to call that metabot in a task, It is now shown in the my metabot list. Can anyone help??
1.Click MetaBots option from Automate menu in the AA Enterprise Client window to launch MetaBot Designer.
2. Click New to open a new MetaBot.
3. Enter a MetaBot name
4. Click Create
5.Click Add DLL in the MetaBot Designer window.
6.Select the .DLL in the Open window.
7. Click Open
8.Navigate to the MetaBot Deisgner window and
9. Click the Logic tab.
10. Click Add Logic.
11. Expand the selected DLL till the last node in the Logic Editor popup window.
12. Select the function for LoginOnExistingSession in the DLL window.
13. Enter value as 1 in the parameter popup window and click ADD.
Return to the AA Enterprise Client window.

A. Click New and select Task Editor from the Automate window.
B. Click the MetaBot Refresh icon.
C. Expand My MetaBot folder and select the MetaBot created.
D. Select the MetaBot task created and click Save.
Hi Aron, can you explain the process for completing RPA challenge using automation anywhere
I tried using object cloning but failed to complete.