As Robiquity's Academy Director, I am responsible for the overall quality of the education our students receive. This includes ensuring that the curriculum is market leading, current and appropriate for the type and level of student within each class.

Robiquity is leading the drive to scale-up and enable the robotic software revolution. Through our Process Automation Academy, we provide industry recognised training and workforce augmentation solutions across the leading vendor platforms, enabling both End Users and Alliance Partners alike to develop a high-quality RPA workforce, quickly.

We firmly believe in collaboration, not competition and we are unique in the fact that we only come at this from a resource perspective. We exist to give both clients and partners the confidence they need to undertake large automation programmes, safe in the knowledge that robust, scalable RPA resource solutions / skills are accessible.

Through our forward-thinking Academy model and vendor approved Boot Camps, Robiquity can offer up large volumes of accredited, production ready automation resources to any global location.

If you would like to understand more about how Robiquity can support the growth of your virtual workforce, get in touch with us on:

t: +44 (0) 161 974 3244
Academy Director, Robiquity


Chief Technology Officer - Robiquity Limited
For Blue Prism training related queries - email:


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