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    Not able to RUN/SCHEDULE task from CR 10.7

    Hi All, I am using AA 10.7 and i am facing a issue when i want to Run or Schedule task from Control Room. In “Webcr” log file i found "Error Message: The socket connection was aborted. This could be caused by an error processing your message or a receive timeout being exceeded by the remote...
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    Control room login page not loading : http error 500

    Check AA and SQL Services.
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    Task could not be deploy on selected client.

    Hi Pravinpatilcse, Thanks for your replay. On one BOT when I am running a process from the control room then it showing "the process is deployed successfully " but nothing happens on the client machine. Please help me to fix this issue. Regards, gaurav
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    AAE client getting disconnected from control room

    Hi Ashutosh, Please check your server. The Server should be the active state not in sleep mode or shut down thanks, gaurav
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    AA v11 Auto Login Windows 10

    Yes, Its Possible
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    Bot should run if windows get locked

    Hi Pravinpatilcse, Keepalive.vbs is not working in my case. Thanks, Gaurav
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    Unable to find "identify button" in bluePrism

    Hi Uthaiah, Try to attach the application after launch action. After that you will be able to identify the application. Thanks, Gaurav
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    Solved How to start work queue from the point of it's failed.

    You can use "get pending item" action in work queue vbo
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    Task could not be deploy on selected client.

    Hi All, i am facing an issue when i want to run or schedule a process form control room. Facing below error message. I am using AA 10.6 please suggest me solution of this issue.
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    Bot should run if windows get locked

    Hi All, How to automate a process which should run if my windows got locked. Thanks Gaurav Sharma
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    Trigger not working every time in AA 11.1

    Hi All, I am facing issue with the trigger, I am using the trigger on a folder when any new file created in it, However, the trigger is not responding every time. So please suggest me how I can create a trigger which should work every time.
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    What is the difference between Object and process Env. Variable in System Manager

    What is the difference between environment variable, Exception Type etc. options available in Process and Object in Blue Prism System Manager window. What is the difference between Object and Process Environment Variable?
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    How to write a Table in to excel

    I have to get a table from the web and need to write it in EXCEL not is CSV from automation anywhere
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    Environment Locking in Automation Anywhere

    Not exactly, I am using a shared folder and that shared folder has many excel files and when multiple BOTs run simultaneously they should access the file which is not presently in use by another BOT, It should pick another excel file.
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    Work Queue

    What is a Child-Parent relationship in Work Queue