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    Rename work queue

    Hi all, Does anyone have any idea how to rename work queues at control room? Thanks!
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    Work Queue tag

    Hi all, Just wondering on how work queue works for my project. Tag: Finance, IT and etc Tag: Phone Number: {number}" I want to have finance tag and have phone numbers that does not begin with the letter 8 Finance + [Phone Number] <> 8*" Does this work? Thanks!
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    Dnyamic xpath workfusion

    Hi all, I could not get the product names from this website successfully. I have followed the work fusion guide and set the counters for the dynamic paths. So i am wondering what went...
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    How many Start Stages can a sub-page in a Process have?

    Hi all, How many Start Stages can a sub-page in a Process have? Thanks!
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    Blue prism exam

    Hi all, Recently took my blue prism developer exam but failed. Need some advice on data type variables because it seems that i'm getting only 30% right for it. As for the debugging section. I know what F11 and F10 is but i only got 40% correct. Can anyone shed some light on the blue prism exam...
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    Solved Split text based on a common value

    Hi all, Need help to split text XXX > XXX > XX XX > CC > AAAAAA Characters can vary in length but the common thing is that all have > Need to split it accordingly. E.g. XX goes to Column 1 CC goes to Column 2 AAAAAA goes to Column 3 Thanks!
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    Solved Add ; to end of every line

    Hi all, I need to add ; to the end of every line. E.g. XXX00000048844; Is there a way to do it without looping? I changed it from collection into a string Thanks!
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    Split Collection

    Hi all, I have a collection that i want to split using "Split Collection" action. My main collection has several columns including "Date" My input collection 2 & 3 templates look like this. My column name is "Date" for the collection 2 template My output collection, does not have any...
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    Solved Rename column in collection

    Worked like a charm, thank you very much!
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    Solved Rename column in collection

    Hi, I have a few columns that i want to rename. Can i use "Set column names from expected collection"? Can anyone show me how the expected collection should look like? The columns names & any rows. I tried following some post but it made my output collection empty and no columns were renamed...
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    Solved Manipulate string in blue prism

    Hi, I'm not too sure what to put for Start Byte and Position for that object. Could you help to explain it to me? Thanks!
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    Solved Manipulate string in blue prism

    Hi, Thanks for ur help. So does the InstrRev requires the use of code stage? Cause i wanted to do it at process level.
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    Solved Manipulate string in blue prism

    Hi all, I need to remove the ext part of a filename E.g. Filename.pdf, Filename.xlsx, Filename.xxxxxx Need to remove that pdf, xlsx (ext) part, so that i will only get filename Would appreciate if anyone could help me in this Thanks!
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    Solved Replace " character as _

    Hi all, I need to replace " with _ I'm using this replace action Replace([InputString],""","_") I can't rmb how to treat ". Can anyone kindly help? Thanks!
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    Solved Spy on URL toolbar

    Hi all, I need to spy on the toolbar and write in the URL. When i spy on it, the element either becomes Toolbar or Edit. If i spy on the URL box, it gives me Toolbar. If i spy on the URL words, it gives me Edit. Does anyone knows which one is correct? So currently, i spy on the element and...
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    Solved Close IE browser tab in blue prism

    Hi, After i download some stuff, tab 3 will be closed. So it will automatically go to tab 2. Do i still need to activate the tab? Because i tried using keystrokes "^W" and it didn't work. Btw, i'm using WIN to spy on the page that i want to close. Thanks
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    Solved Close IE browser tab in blue prism

    Hi all, I need to close the browser tab as shown. I don't want to close the whole IE. Just the tab at that position? Is there a way to do it? Thanks!
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    Click on values in webpage based on collection

    Hi all, So now i have a collection that i read in from my webpage. How do i find & click on the values based on the text in my collection? My collection is like this Field ------ Value1 Value2 and so on.. So what i want is to find value 1 in the webpage, and click on it. I can put a loop for...
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    Need help to spy HTML table

    I see. But the spying region seems very weird. Is it supposed to be like this? The region is not aligned to the text.
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    Need help to spy HTML table

    Hi all, I'm trying to spy the table using HTML mode. But it's not detecting the HTML table. Also, the spying region seems really weird. Can anyone help to take a look? Thanks!