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    In Blue prism 6.7, not able to spy some fields in chrome browser.

    Hi Please elaborate your Question with screenshot
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    filter data having Single quote

    Please try this below mention Hope this works "[Name] = '" &[CollA.Name]& "'" "[Name] = '" &"Value"& "'"
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    Process and Object

    2nd answer was incorrect . Please elaborate question with the scenario
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    Process and Object

    1st Question answer: Goto object> Add action stage> call another object 2nd answer: make it a global data item without using endstage it's available 3rd answer: Not possible it's against the RPA bot business rule :P
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    Hi I'm trying to attach that guide but the size is large. the guide name is v6 User Guide - Web Services
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    how do i add a collection as one queue item?

    Hi Sahil, I'm getting the following error can you please suggest to me I also tried Collection with the right field.Below attach Screen Shot