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  1. adebroise

    Please read before posting in this sub-forum

    I have added Jacada to the list of RPA vendors. I will raise your sub-forum in the list based on interaction.
  2. adebroise

    Kudos! - 1000 RPA members

    20000+ now, still going strong :)
  3. adebroise

    why deleting my post???

    Hi, Your post was not deleted, it was held in a moderation queue as you are a new user. This is to avoid spam.
  4. adebroise

    Adhoc test in blueprism

    Adhoc test is essentially read only, you may need to use the unlock wizard to unlock the process.
  5. adebroise

    Performance issues and migration

    Hi all, We have recently had some performance issues due to the increase in users of the forum. I have now moved the forum to a more powerful server so any speed issues and drop outs should now be resolved. Kind Regards, Anthony
  6. adebroise

    Automation Challenge. This looks interesting.

    Probably just setting the value of the label with a write stage. I only accept proof of execution through video, not images.
  7. adebroise

    How could we improve?

    Hi @sivagelli, good suggestion. We do actually have a points based system for contributing based on post counts and likes. If you click someone's username it shows the points value. I'll look at making it more visible.
  8. adebroise

    Blueprism connection was lost,i got this issue waht i have to do,please suggest me

    @Meenak have you checked services.msc? The sql server service probably needs restarting.
  9. adebroise

    Defined Collection

    Hi @Colin Nelson , have you tried copying the newly created collection to the clipboard, pasting into notepad, reordering the fields and copying it back? That’s my usual trick :)
  10. adebroise

    Blue Prism 6.3 where are the AI skills

    @jamessmith the ai functionality is provided through a series of VBOs. The relevant vbos should be within the vbo folder inside the blue prism installation path or can be downloaded via the blue prism portal.
  11. adebroise

    BP Travel

    @sna the first mistake is that the window title in your navigation stage is a text data item so must be wrapped with double quotes
  12. adebroise

    Training and Vacancies

    Are you looking to up-skill in RPA or looking for a new job in the field? Check out our new Training and Vacancies sub-forums! Please note that training and vacancies may only be posted by approved sponsors and posting training or vacancies within other sections of the forum is not permitted.
  13. adebroise

    How to get the SAP dll

    Hi, It is not permitted to share rpa vendors intellectual property on the forum. Sharing files from the vendors applications may result in a ban. Kind regards, Anthony
  14. adebroise

    SPAM Posts

    Hi all, As a result of the increasing number of spam posts, I have made the following changes: All new users or users with less than 5 posts, will have their posts moderated prior to them becoming publicly available. Registration now includes a different CAPTCHA solution. Fingers crossed...
  15. adebroise

    Kudos! - 1000 RPA members

    Great news! Onward and upwards! :D
  16. adebroise

    2GB+ software

    Hi @hrvoje83 , I believe the resource requirement is due to the technology it has been built with. Most RPA tools are written in .net whereas WorkFusion is written in Java.
  17. adebroise

    Hi @asit , I'd recommend posting in the WorkFusion forum rather than on your personal profile...

    Hi @asit , I'd recommend posting in the WorkFusion forum rather than on your personal profile. However, as it relates to software licensing I assume the license would need to be purchased via WorkFusion.
  18. adebroise

    I cannot login to control tower

    Hi @Michal Jána, please can you confirm which rpa tool this relates to?
  19. adebroise

    Call the RESTFUL API without Username & Password

    @sracha please can you confirm which rpa tool you are referring to so I can move it to the correct forum?
  20. adebroise

    How could we improve?

    Hi @VJR, thanks for the feedback. This is something we do, however it is a manual task.