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    Cant Update queue status in AA v24

    hi Team, There is a requirement of ours to update queue item as deferred if something fails. So we made a parser bot to get queue items and process it and based on the result it is supposed to update the queue. That works fine when the parser bot is not active but when it is active it does not...
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    Outlook issue

    Outlook VBO can be finicky sometimes. To my experience, mapiex is pretty stable
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    Outlook issue

    Hi Chakku, To my knowledge, this scenario eventually occurs when you are using outlook VBO. Try using Mapiex It should solve the problem Let us know if that fixes the problem
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    How to call stored procedures into blueprism? need action and utility we use in bp?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to call a stored procedure in Oracle database from blue prism. Below are the details. Any pointers anyone Below is the procedure I am trying to run from Get collection stage . It works perfectly fine while running from SQL developer DECLARE vcEmpId...
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    Solved How to Done Automation on Blueprism by SQL query and SP?

    Hi All, I am trying to open the link as shared but it redirects me to a different site. Is it active anymore? I need some help calling a procedure in oracle database from bleu prism. Thanks
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    How to call stored procedures into blueprism? need action and utility we use in bp?

    Hi @Pallavivalunj I did tried executing a procedure in Oracle Database using Oracle DMDA utility using the same get collection action stage but seems like there is an error. Is the structure of syntax going to be the same while calling a procedure in oracle database as well? Please let me know
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    scrolling webpage

    I too faced the same issue and would like to share how I handled it. So when the bot completes reading the first rows of table in focus, add a navigate stage. In that navigate stage add the table element for the for the last row(spy the cell of table in HTML mode and keep the path as dynamic...