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    RPA Challenge - Fastest Times (Kapow)

    Cache was cleared every time, so you are wrong, it goes to show how many people don't learn how something works before coming up with a solution and merely attack it head on, my record still stands 2023...
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    RPA Challenge - Fastest Times (Kapow)

    I see my record still stands, I had it at 14ms one time too undocumented, if you learn and then know how the challenge website works and know how the controls are loaded and referenced, then you will be closer to the answer and know how to construct the bot optimally. [Simon Johnson - NZ] (my...
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    RPA Challenge - Fastest Times...

    Kofax Kapow and a little bit of my "black magic" - 18 milliseconds - try to beat it as I have already bettered this time in the attachment.
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    RPA Challenge - Fastest Times (Kapow)

    Just attempted the RPA challenge using Kapow on my laptop My time - 18 milliseconds (all on my dev laptop WITH Visual Studio, Outlook and others running in the background)