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    Not able to read particular outlook email using subject filter in Production Server

    We always get this issue. As a result, we always open Outlook at the start of the process & keep in minimised throughout. Normally use a batch file to open it minimised with this text start /min "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\OUTLOOK.EXE" /profile <OUTLOOK PROFILE GOES HERE>
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    ServiceNow API Call

    Hi Shane, based on the error you're getting (HTTP Status Code: 407) this is because Proxy Authentication is required. I had a similar issue trying to use Blue Prism's built in Web Service functionality. I eventually gave up and just use the standard Utility-HTTP object to form my HTTP request...
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    How to use filter collection utility as i need to compare two dates.

    hi Aditya, Yes the problem is that you're trying to perform a calculation 2 dates but one is a string/text. On the basis you're using an undefined collection, the way around this would be to cast [InputFileDetails.PTD] to a data item in your process with a Date format: create a data item e.g...
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    HTTP Request: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help.. I've created a process that retrieves request information, formats into SOAP XML message and POSTs to an API to create a case on the target application using the Utility - HTTP object. The API requires client certificate authentication & as such I load the...
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    Outlook VBO - Move Mail creating copy of email

    Hi all, I have an issue when using the MS Outlook Email VBO, specifically the Move Single Mail action. I'm trying to move an email from one subfolder to another and it is creating a copy of the email - not moving it. If i do it manually in Outlook (drag drop) it works fine but with the VBO...
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    Multipart form data

    Did you resolve this? It is possible just using the Utility HTTP request as I've done it before. As long as you are: sending a HTTP POST request have the content type and boundary headers set format the body of the API call correctly & include the document data Here's a basic example of...
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    Blue Prism Environment Variables - using inside another Environment Variabl

    You can't do this within the EV itself unfortunately.Without knowing the detail of your process it's hard to say but can you not manage use of these EVs from the process in a way that means you can still just change the one and it carries on working. e.g. in your process you use...
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    Blue Prism: Registration of new Resources is disabled

    There is a setting within System manager that in your case is switched off. You'll need to switch it on to get around the error message,
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    Multipart form data

    You should be able to do this using the Utility-HTTP object. Should just be a case of specifying the correct headers and body. Do you have any more info on the request you're trying to make?
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    Can't get around decision stage false evaluation

    Looks on the face of it that you're decision stage is expecting a NewLine() in between those 2 sentences but in the data item there isn't one. Wrapping both in a Trim() may be more robust with this too.
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    Unable to click on Link from a Dynamic Path

    Hmm strange... Can you send a screenshot of inside your navigate stage? Another option may be to spy the link using a different spy method, e.g. AA or UIA modes.. but hopefully shouldn't need to do that
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    Start process from power shell, Trial Version of Blue Prism

    There is a dbconn flag to pass as a parameter. I'd recommend accessing the help section with blue prism (press F1) and search for 'command line'. It gives full documentation on how to run a process from command line
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    Unable to click on Link from a Dynamic Path

    Are you getting an error message? or is the navigate stage successfully completing In Blue Prism but not actually clicking the link?
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    BluePrim Cannot Recognize Font - Read Text with OCR

    Is there a reason that you must use OCR? Using 'recognise text' will likely be more robust.
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    Unable to match any windows with the query terms after implementing wait stage in Object studio

    Hi there, first thing I notice is that you have the Timeout from your wait stage going into the Write stage which isn't correct, it should be throwing an exception. I suspect the issue is that the wait stage is timing out, i.e. it's not finding the 'CostCenter' element but then still attempting...
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    BluePrim Cannot Recognize Font - Read Text with OCR

    Hi, are you trying to recognise a scanned image? If so, you should expect some inaccuracy from Read Text with OCR. If you are trying to use Surface Automation to recognise font on an application for instance you should use 'Recognise text' instead. This will match pixel for pixel against the...
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    Isolate date with Regex

    Hi, Assuming the date is always in that format, i.e. Month name > space > 1 or 2 numbers for Day > comma > space > 4 digit year ....This regex should work: (January|February|March|April|May|June|July|August|September|October|November|December) [0-9]{1,2}, [0-9]{4} Rich
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    How to start blueprism through CMD

    Is 'demo' part of the process name? If so, you may need to put "tmh-poc demo" all encased in double quotes like that. Also I think the format of the user and password is just: /user username password I.e. no extra flag for the password. Additionally I think the /resource flag is mandatory to...
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    Reg region mode capturing

    Not sure I fully understand the question but I think you're asking how you can interact with a scrolling page using region mode? the first thing I'd question is whether Surface Automation (region mode) is even required? This looks like a normal web page & if so would browser spying would be...
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    Build a BOT to take the list of available resources.

    The BPAResource table in the database lists all resources and current status, e.g. offline, ready etc. If you can't access the DB then the only alternative I can think of is automating the blue prism application, I.e. build an object that opens automate.exe, navigate to Control tab and read the...