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    Solved SAP Session Handling

    Hi, I'm building a robot with BP 6.5 that needs to open, manage and close three SAP sessions not at the same time. Different transactions are invoked for each session. Opening with CTRL + works fine. However, when the robot switches from one session to another to insert the transaction, it...
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    Appian VBO with File Download

    Hello Teams, I'm integrating Appian with Blue Prism, both in cloud. Appian starts a process, creates and then passes variables to BP. Among these variables there are documents, uploaded via an Appian Interface to its folders, in cloud. I need to pass this documents to BP. I'm planning to use the...
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    Access to the path denied in save mail message

    Hello teams, suddenly, since yesterday, my UIPath robot is no longer able to save attachments and e-mails via outlook activities on local folders, on my pc. I tried different paths, including the process documentation itself. I tried to run UIPath as administrator too. Unsuccessfully. The system...
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    Blue Prism 6.4.1. Ms Outlook VBO Save Attachment

    Hello Teams, i'm trying to use MS Outlook vbo to save emails attachments with .eml extension (trough Outlook). Neither Save Attachment nor Save Attachments nor Save email as file do this. System tells me that the element (i assume it refers to the .eml file) cannot be opened. I use the ID...
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    MS Outlook VBO and Blueprism v 6.4.1

    Hello, i'm facing several issues in setting properties of the MS Outlook VBO for BP v 6.4.1 It seems the version of the VBO i'm using is jan 2019 dated. System always tells me that there are compiler error issues when i try to run my robot, no matters the settings. I don't use any code stage, i...
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    How to create a PEC email through BluePrism

    Hello, i need to create a BP bot able to interact with a PEC email provider, in order to create and send one to an Appian process. Do i have to build a VBO and or a process from scratch to do this? Is there another way already built? Many thanks for help.
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    From HTML to PDF

    Hello, i need to convert an email content, supposed to be extracted and saved in html format, into a pdf document. How can i build the code? Is there a way to avoid code, apart from using ms word vbo? Many thanks.
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    how to Blue Prism and PEC email

    Hello, i need to build a Blue Prism robot able to read PEC email, fetch data and attachments and convert them into pdf documents. Is there a way to allow BP to interact with a PEC email? Many thanks for help.
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    How to send Email with Mapiex listing different variables in the Email body

    Hello, I need to build a process in Blueprism to read and extract some fields from a given SQL Server 2016 table (employee names, tasks assigned to any of them, task deadlines, email addresses) and generate one email via MapiEx for every employee which contains, stictly in the email body, his...