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    Solved Using Extract Regex values action to get text after pattern

    Hi, I've seen the following post regarding the use of regex to extract text patterns and store onto a collection (, is there a way to expand on this to extract certain texts after a pattern? An...
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    No output using MS Outlook Email VBO

    Hi, I'm using BP version 6.3 and is trying to filter emails using the built-in MS Outlook email VBO to Get Received Items (Basic) and is filtering using email address but I'm getting no output for the Items collection. Using the sender name, there is an output. Have anyone tried this and...
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    Solved Microsoft Cognitive - Computer Vision not working

    Hi, I've downloaded the Microsoft Intelligent Services from BP portal and followed the steps to create a free account in Microsoft Azure. The subscription keys have been generated and all credentials and environment variables have been created within BP using the subscription key that was...
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    Copy text within bounding coordinates in PDF

    Hi, I want to extract texts within coordinates in a PDF, which would correspond to certain field headers and values. I found a site that has the C# code which I would like to use in a code stage. Since I'm new to programming, I...
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    Solved Process template retry loop expression

    Hi, I've been looking at the process template and I think there could be some logic error in the retry loop. When looking at the retry loop, it seems to me that retry will always be true whenever internal exception is encountered. This happens for both application start up page and work step...