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    HTTP Request: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help.. I've created a process that retrieves request information, formats into SOAP XML message and POSTs to an API to create a case on the target application using the Utility - HTTP object. The API requires client certificate authentication & as such I load the...
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    Outlook VBO - Move Mail creating copy of email

    Hi all, I have an issue when using the MS Outlook Email VBO, specifically the Move Single Mail action. I'm trying to move an email from one subfolder to another and it is creating a copy of the email - not moving it. If i do it manually in Outlook (drag drop) it works fine but with the VBO...
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    Pooled Connections

    Hi all - any BP infra people out there who know much about pooled connections to BP server? Trying to understand what causes the number of connections to rise, it doesn't look to have any obvious relationship between no. of processes running in control room. Cheers
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    Solved Bring image file into Blue Prism

    Hi, Hopefully a quick one but I can’t seem to work it out. How can I bring an image file, currently saved on my local disk into Blue Prism as an Image type data item? Cheers
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    Saving .msg file sent via MapiEx

    Hello all, Does anyone know how I can save down a sent item (sent by Mapiex in BP) as a .msg file to a specified filepath? Not keen on opening outlook and navigating to sent items etc, assume there must be a smarter way? Any help would be greatly received! Cheers, Rich
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    Can’t attach to web application

    Hi, hoping someone can help here.. I have a web app which when launched & logged in it opens an additional IE window. I have 2 objects: 1) basic actions which does the launch etc 2) main screen which does navigation/interactions So 1) opens the app and logs in, but the issue is when 2) is...