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    Solved Comparing two Collections and and saving unique values.

    The code part is not to be done in Global Code area. Instead create a new page, and inside that page add a code stage where the above code should reside. The collection Data Items have to be created in the same page and should be passed as Inputs & Outputs to the code stage.
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    Find and remove matching values in collections

    I have answered this question here :
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    Expose Blue prism Process as REST Service

    Blue Prism does not support exposing process/object as RESTful services. You can achieve the same by having a middle layer of another API gateway which converts SOAP->REST & REST->SOAP.
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    Microsoft Word Styles for Heading Numbering across Doclets

    This requirement is not something that comes pre-package in Word VBO. You will have to create a custom action, to traverse all paragraphs in the active document. If a heading is found, set = "Heading1" and so on Going through...
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    Download File via HTTP

    The API clearly requires a Body for you to be able to directly download the file. Without relevant details like address, body and header information, there is only so much one can help you with. Easier way out is to : Paste the contents of the text data item in the file.
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    Runtime showing as Idle but Not Connected

    Pretty sure that the Resource PC is not started on the target VM where you want the process to execute. When you open BP client, it launches a Resource PC by default. Without opening BP client, you need to explicitly start the Resource PC. Try this : On the VM, without opening BP client...
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    how to read specific text in word file using regular expression dynamically ?

    Assuming the dates will be valid, use this regex : (January|February|March|April|May|June|July|August|September|October|November|December)\s+\d{1,2},\d{4}
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    Issues Reading XML

    I couldn't find a single xml file containing <CPV MAIN>12345678</CPV MAIN>. So, with limited information, here's what you can try: Use Regex to extract the specific value : (?<=<CPV MAIN>).*(?=<\/CPV MAIN>) which will return 12345678
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    Issues Reading XML

    Try to explain the question again. Are you looking to get a collection of all file names, inside the zip ? Are you looking to get a collection of each file's entire contents, inside the zip ? Are you looking to get a collection with only specific XML data extracted ?
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    Solved Comparing two Collections and and saving unique values.

    That would be an incorrect solution, besides the fact that it would take more time to execute. Merging & removing duplicates will fetch all unique records from both collections. OP only wants unique values present in 1st collection that are not present in 2nd collection.
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    Solved Comparing two Collections and and saving unique values.

    Make sure to add below 3 Namespaces in Code Options Section : System.Data System.Collections.Generic System.Linq Make sure to add below 2 External References in Code Options Section : System.Core.dll System.Data.DataSetExtensions.dll Create a code stage with Collection_1 & Collection_2 as...
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    Expression to select first day of month

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    Replace String

    My bad. Here is the correct syntax : Right([TEXT],3)&"-"&Left([TEXT],InStr([TEXT],"-")-1)
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    Replace String

    [TEXT] is the data item having values like 26243-Jan, 99-Feb etc Step 1: Use this in calculation stage Right([TEXT],3)&"-"&Left([TEXT],"-")-1) This will convert 26243-Jan to Jan-26343 Store this back in [TEXT] Step 2: Use a long REPLACE statement to replace Jan=1,Feb=2,March=3 & so on...
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    Read Value from Web Page

    Why do you need a code stage to read the data? A simple element in application modeller with read stage can do the job.
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    OLE DB Filter Excel Data

    Everything appears fine. I even tried running the query mentioned in the post and it was successful. Excel File : Query : "SELECT * FROM [Folha1$] WHERE [F1] ='#DET;2021;01;0498874;OPAO;0000645282,00;000987;0087,09;000000000,00;;'" Output :
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    Separate value from column

    Use Action Split Text in Utility-Strings VBO : Text to Split : [Collection.rates] Split Char : ","
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    Global Sendkeys Password

    Try to send send CTRL+V to password field. Have the password stored in the clipboard via set clipboard action.
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    Global Sendkeys Password

    Please verify if you are using Global Send Key Events instead of Global Send Keys