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  1. RDawson9

    I want to Search a piece of string(Text) in a Full paragraph which i have stored in a dataitem (text)

    InStr() returns zero when the text you searched for doesn't exist within the String. Therefore, to convert it to a flag: InStr([Paragraph], [String])>0
  2. RDawson9

    Solved Calculation: Divide two numbers and get whole number only

    Hi, You could use the Mid() function to get the value before the decimal point. Something like this: Hope this helps :) Rob
  3. RDawson9

    RPA Challenge - Fastest Times...

    Morning all, Wondering what the fastest times people have achieved on the RPA Challenge are...Blue Prism only! Can anybody beat 6804ms? Screenshot or it doesn't count! :p Interested to see the methods used by people. There's more than one way to skin a cat! :) Rob
  4. RDawson9

    Blue Prism - Surface Automation (Citrix)

    Hi @soonerorlater Surface Automation in Blue Prism is achievable. Depending on which version you're using (v5 or v6) it will be more difficult. Both can achieve the desired outcome but SA has been greatly improved in v6. Generally people tend to find that UiPath is much better equipped to...
  5. RDawson9

    "Unable to match any Active Accessibility elements to the supplied query terms" while working in Object Studio

    I'm confused, is the process now working? Or do you still have an issue?
  6. RDawson9


    Strange indeed, I'm using BP5 and IE11, with HTML as the spy mode and have no issues. When you say "crashed", there's no error message or anything? Blue Prism is just freezing?
  7. RDawson9


    Hi Russ, Hope you're well. Just attempted this myself and didn't find any issues. I spied the user profile icon as you mentioned and it works fine. Possibly a silly question but I presume you can automate other websites without any issue? Could you share a screenshot of your Application...
  8. RDawson9

    "Unable to match any Active Accessibility elements to the supplied query terms" while working in Object Studio

    Hi @RiojaAlberto Usually when people say something works in Object Studio but not when ran from a Process, the issue is related to speed. Are you using Wait Stages in your object to ensure the element exists before using the Navigate Stage?
  9. RDawson9

    Queue Error

    Get Next Item gets an item from the queue one at a time.. If you need to access all 50 records at once, consider whether a queue is required. Or do you really need to access all 50, would 1 at a time be suitable? It is best to always use work queues where possible.
  10. RDawson9

    Queue Error

    Hi @vinay That means you're attempting to mark an item as complete/exception but you don't have the item locked anymore. I suspect you marked your first item as complete but didn't go and get another item from the queue before trying to mark as complete again. You need to link back to Get...
  11. RDawson9

    POP up

    Hi @Sundeep4sandy I'm curious as to why this message needs to be displayed. You seem to suggest that you're asking people not to touch the machine whilst the OCR is in progress? Blue Prism should be ran on stand-alone virtual machines that aren't being worked on by anybody else. @VJR I'm not...
  12. RDawson9

    Wait stage is not working

    @bhuvan.sundar Could you show us the attributes you've matched on in App Modeller for the element "First Name" please? Rob
  13. RDawson9

    Decision stage not working

    Hi @Cris800 Why is there a 12 in your function? Instead of: DateDiff(0, [12,[dateOfBirth], Today()) it should be DateDiff(0, [[dateOfBirth], Today()) Could you provide a screenshot of your process please? Deprecated means that something is generally discouraged from use because it's...
  14. RDawson9

    Html web-page element, can only use the Blue Prism element once.

    Thanks Michael, will watch out for any reply :)
  15. RDawson9

    Html web-page element, can only use the Blue Prism element once.

    Hi Michael, It sounds like the website you're automating may not be the most reliable. As such, you'll need to find the correct set of attributes to match on that will return a reliable match each time. For example, Value is an attribute that will often change and therefore shouldn't be matched...
  16. RDawson9

    Solved Looping the collection of 10 records in Excel sheet using the Blue Prism

    Hi @Devendhar I'm afraid I don't fully understand your question. You want to convert the first 10 records into a collection but it's not clear what you wish to do with the other 40? Rob
  17. RDawson9

    Solved Can we sort column level in collections?

    I suspect you'd need to add your own page to the Excel VBO and code this solution.
  18. RDawson9

    Modify Collection Objecct

    Hi @KPrasanth9 I'm wondering if it might be simpler to re-arrange the Excel sheet before converting it into a Collection. You could use the "Copy & Paste Worksheet Range" action to create a temporary second worksheet which has the values in the desired order and then read this into a...
  19. RDawson9

    Solved String to get text between two words

    For instance, if you know the 1st and 3rd words then you could use: Replace([String], "Hi", "") which will replace "Hi" with nothing. You could then use Replace([String], "me", "") to remove the word "me". Then Trim([String]) to remove any further whitespace and leave you with the...
  20. RDawson9

    Solved String to get text between two words

    Hi @amanbareilly It depends what you know about the string. For example, do you know what the first and third words will be? Do you know only the first word or only the third? You’ll need to use a mixture of InStr, Replace and Trim. If neither, then you could look for the space between the...