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    short cut key

    Hi All i want to open run box(window key+R) (PFA Run window.jpg) using key strokes,i tried but not able to achieve,in select window for key strokes what i have to select(PFA window r.jpg) Thanks, Venkat
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    sending customized email if any aa error occures

    Hi AA Gurus, i want to send email if any automation anywhere error occurs,i d't want use default option of send email in Error Handling(becoz of if i updated in default its impact other project bots ), so please provide me alternative way Thanks & Regards Venkat
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    how to get the file name

    Hi All, i created test.atmx file, i want get the file name(test.atmx),how to achieve it Thanks & Regards, Venkat
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    date and time difference b/w 2 dates

    HI RPA gurus, i want to find the time difference b/w 2 date and time, eg: var1=2july2018 10:30:12 var2=3july2018 11:25:14 i want time difference(var2-var1), Please help me Regards, Venkat
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    how to get multiple rows at a time in excel using AA

    Hi RPA gurus, i have below kind of excel sheet,i want to get data at time(Header and Line),header followed by line or multiple lines,i want get the data start from header to line(all lines if it have),consider as set(header followed by line/s),each iteration i have to get set(header and...
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    how to find the data already is there or not using AA

    Hi pols, am using key stroke file to insert data (its desktop application) in my key stroke file shift+f10+down arrow+down arrow+enter(please observe delete row disable), at 1st time data entry, then after insert,for 2nd time data insert using same key stroke file,delete row in enable here...
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    how to get excel values

    Hi RPA peoples, i have to read the XL cell values dynamically, for example i have xl data from A1 cell to L1 cell i have to loop the data from A1 to L1 dynamically,please find Attached image, i have to ready dynamically from A1 Please help me how to read Thanks & Regards Venkat
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    Space bar

    HI RPA experts, how to give the space bar as key stroke,in key stroke there is no space bar,how to implement it in RPA automation anywhere Thanks & Regards Venkat