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    Filter Collection - Split Outputs

    Hi I would like to create a Filter Collection action that will split an input collection and provide the filtered results based on the filter criteria and then a separate collection that outputs all the records that did not match. For Example: Collection In: Item Colour Banana Yellow...
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    Bulk Upload to SQL Server

    Is there a vbo anywhere which allows you to upload a collection in bulk to a table in SQL server? Thanks
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    Psexec to run a VB Script on multiple VMs

    Hi, Here is a scenario I am trying to solve and I was wondering if anybody with Psexec experience could help: I have a VB script which I want to launch on individual VMs from a given list of VMs. The VbScript is a self contained file saved in a shared directory. I want to create a process...
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    Login Agent -Terminations - 0xc000006d: The attempted logon is invalid

    Hi, I am trying to utilise login agent and have all the necessary services running and settings enabled and disabled were appropriate. I am able to use the "Checked Logged In" process and the "Logout" process but I get the following error when attempting to login: 0xc000006d: The attempted...
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    Close all Applications listed in Task Manager

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to identify and kill all tasks which are listed in the Applications Tab of Task manager opposed to the method of killing a process by sending a predefined application name as an input into the Environment Utility - Kill Process? I am trying to find a quick...
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    Global Sendkeys Password

    Hi I am trying to use Global Sendkeys to enter a password into a Windows Security window. The Username works fine, however the sendkeys will not enter any text in uppercase letters which leads me to the problem of the password. Sendkeys will not allow me to enter the password with uppercase and...
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    Code stage not working in control room

    Hi, I have created a code stage in blue prism, which takes a screenshot of an application (map application). The code stage runs well and saves the screenshot to a file location that I pass in when I step over it in debug mode, however when I run it in control room it seems to ignore the code...