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    CSV delimiter

    If you check the latest release of the MS Excel VBO, available on the Digital Exchange, you'll see that the VBO includes an action called Import CSV that includes an optional input parameter to specify the delimiter used in the CSV file. Cheers, Eric
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    Unable to Open Excel XLSM File (Call was rejected by callee)

    Hello dsmith616. It seems this issues can be caused by any number of issues including: - Your Excel instance isn't licensed or the license hasn't been activated on the machine. - Certain add-ins can cause issues. Have you tried disabling any add-ins on the machine in question? - Since you...
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    How to check whether a particular folder exists or not in outlook

    Please take a look at the latest version of the MS Outlook VBO on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. It includes an action called Check Folder Exists. Cheers, Eric
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    adda number to text?

    Here's one example that you could implement with a Code stage: string val1 = "AB00000001"; string val2 = "AB00000002"; int sum = Convert.ToInt32(val1.Substring(val1.Length - 8)) + Convert.ToInt32(val2.Substring(val2.Length - 8)); string finalVal = "AB" + sum.ToString("D8"); This assumes the...
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    adding zero before number?

    @HickeHiskelig are you attempting to do this via a Calculation stage? If so, you'll have to create the number as Text in order to keep all the zeros you want. Cheers, Eric
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    Double Quotes In Command Line And Blueprism

    @prateek grover are you experiencing an issue with this? Are you using the Utility - Environment VBO to attempt this or a Code stage? Cheers, Eric
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    File Exists giving wrong output

    Hello @Babjee Vangipurapu, Are you using the latest version of the Utility - File Management VBO available on the Digital Exchange? From your message it sounds like sometimes you get the correct response and other times you get the wrong response. Is that a correct statement? How are you...
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    calling stored procedure from a BP action

    @Jatin Kalra, Are you experiencing the same issue? If so, what DB system are you working with? Cheers,
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    Unable to upload file to API using HTP Request

    @indrajeet.roy, Are you using the latest version of the Utility - HTTP VBO available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange? It has an action that supports uploading files via a multi-part request. Cheers,
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    Problem running process from scheduler

    @anuraag_msg, After you've applied you schedule settings, do you see it show up in the actual calendar (aka top-level Schedule and Timetables) displays? Cheers, Eric
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    Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP Request Web Exception Status: ConnectFailure

    @vikas1612 are you traversing an HTTP proxy/firewall that requires authentication? If so, the Web API service feature of Blue Prism does not support proxy authentication. You would need to use the Utility - HTTP VBO instead.
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    How to configure a collection to WebAPI request with JSON template?

    Assuming you have multiple rows in your Collection, you do not want to use the Template body option. Instead, you would want to use the Custom Code body option and write C# or VB code to build the JSON body, populating it with each record. Cheers, Eric
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    Visual Studio IDE - best practices

    I typically create a .NET Framework Console Application in order to build/test code that will ultimately go into a Code Stage. Just make sure you choose an appropriate.NET Framework version. I tend to go v4.7.2 and I’m working with BP v6.10.4. I assume you may need to pull in a Nuget or two...
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    Get the data from collection without loop

    I’d say your only option would be drop into a Code stage where you could work with the Collection in its normal state which is a .Net DataTable. However, you’d still need to perform a loop to process every row. You could use Linq if you’re trying to query the data. ‍♂️ Eric
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    Running multiple instances of the same Java executable/jar

    @Robertics78 , When you talk about Excel are you referring to how the MS Excel VBO can support multiple instances of Excel? If so, you'll want to take a look at the Create Instance action of the VBO and the GetHandle function in the Global Code. What you'll see is that the action creates a GUID...
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    @chaitra Krishnamurthy , See the article at the link below. You can recreate this in a Code stage within a VBO. I almost forgot, there's also an approximate matching example...
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    Blue Prism Queue Report Generation Framework

    @LearnRPA , Not sure what your exact question is. Are you referring to a specific framework, or are you asking if one exists? Have you searched the Digital Exchange? What version of Blue Prism are you running? Cheers Eric
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    Power BI integration with BluePrism

    Blue Prism's database is just a SQL Server database. Yes, you can connect Power BI to it and interrogate the various tables as long as you have a user account with at least Read access on the database. Further, you will need to have some understanding of the structure of the tables and their...
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    Running multiple instances of the same Java executable/jar

    @Robertics78 , There's nothing inherent to javaw.exe that would keep you from using it to run the same JAR multiple times. The question really comes down to the JAR and what the actual Java application in it does. If it implements some sort of single process checking then that's a design...
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    Utility - File management 'Write Text File' taking more time

    @Niraj Shah , The Write Text File action uses the File.WriteAllText() method of the System.IO namespace. This is basically the defacto way of writing out a text file in .NET. There are other options, but it would be up to you as to which route you want to take, and it would require changing the...