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    Unable to Spy Anything In MS Edge After Launch

    Hi, I have created an object, which has a "Launch" page, which contains a navigate stage which launches Edge. This works fine. However, when launching Edge via Application Modeller, it launches ok but then there are no Identify or Highlight options available. Only Launch is present. Any...
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    Unable to iterate through a list in a Windows Desktop application

    Hi, I am trying to iterate through a list within a Windows desktop application. However, I cannot read any contents of the list successfully, and sending Windows Keys to the application does not result in a different list item being selected. Is there anything you can suggest? Thanks & Regards
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    Unable to retrieve items within a list within a Windows Application

    Hi All, I have a list of items within a "table" in a Windows Application. Though I can spy the "table" area fine, I cannot get the items within the "table". I've tried the majority of the spying modes. Is there any advice you can give? Thanks very much Regards