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    How to split the excel cell values

    Hi, In a excel i have a string value like as below picture I want output using Uipath as below picture Please help me out @adebroise Thanks,
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    How to open Photo with application modeler

    Hi, How to Launch and attach with Photos. Thanks
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    Append excel with collection

    Hi, Please help me out. In my excel if there is some rows and in a collection there is some other rows and columns are same in the excel and collection so i want my collection to append the excel. Example: Input1: Input2: I want output to save in excel as below pic: Thanks
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    Extract mid Value

    Hi, Please help me to extract mid value between "Full Name: & Address:" but if the value is repeated then i have to get first output and then second one. please find below text. Input: As below Employee Information Full Name: CHAANA MARINTI Address: KHAJA GUDA , MANIKONDA , HYDERABAD Gender...
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    How to set the text in a Order

    Hi, Please help me with issue. I want the text to be in a order like: Full Name: JANGAMSANTUSHANAI How to do this?
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    How to integrate blueprism and Abbyy cloud ocr sdk

    Hi, How to integrate blueprism and Abbyy cloud ocr sdk? Please help me ASAP @VJR @sivagelli @Sukesh Kumaru @Robot @Sachin_Kharmale @anisjolly Thanks, Ravikumar
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    Multifactor Authentication

    Hi any body knows that how to use the MFA VBO? @VJR @Sukesh Kumaru @sivagelli
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    Blueprism logics and expression Mostly used

    Hi, Can any body share list of logics and expression most commonly used? Thanks.
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    pdf to image convert

    Hi, Please help me out for converting pdf to image, Suppose if i have 4 pages of a pdf i want that 4 pages to be saved individually as image jpg/png format. Thanks
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    Vision OCR EXtraction

    Hi Please help me out for the below picture, here lines column there is text so i want this all text in the txt file. so how can i get this entire text into txt file.
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    Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP Request

    What will be the region Name for Hyderabad,India
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    Is It possible to highlight the element

    I want my extracted element to be Highlighted, is it possible.
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    How to Empty data item value in Blueprism

    I want my data item to be empty after the usage of data item. Is It possible?