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    Solved Issue with Google Drive API V3

    We configured the google's credential service, and configured the Google OAuth2 JWT Credential, but when i try to get a file with the drive library i have recived the next message: Internal : Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP Request HTTP Status Code: 404 HTTP Response Content: {...
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    Communicate Power automate Flow results back to Blue Prism

    Hi there, I am currently using - Blue Prism and Power automate. I pass a variable as an input parameter to start a Power automate flow of updating fields on SharePoint from the web API's section of Blue Prism. I have a check in place at the end of the flow to verify that the fields updated...
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    Upload file to Sharepoint through API

    Hi there! I need to upload several files/folders in Sharepoint. I already imported the API services (Blue Prism Sharepoint List Utility, Blue Prism Sharepoint Doc Utility, Blue Prism Sharepoint ACS Authentication). I have no experience working with API services in Blue Prism, someone can help...
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    Can i Extract error logs from blue prism?

    Hi, i want to get the error logs from work queues so i can display them on a web site. i need to get the data out to a rest api somehow, i read through alot of documentation without any luck i hope you guys know what to do... /Nijas
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    How to use the Utility - HTTP HTTP Request

    Hi, im using the Request HTTP Action on the Utility - HTTP of BluePrism, I have a doubt of how I am using it because it almost never works... It only works when I go to the URL first on internet explorer manually and then run action on blue prism... The error cames up when it fails is "Could not...
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    ServiceNow API Call

    Hey, I'm working on integrating BP with ServiceNow APIs, but unfortunately getting the same error no matter what method I try. I've put together a simple API call for now https://XYZdev.service-now.com/api/now/table/x_baoq_boq_robotic_internet_account_opening?sysparm_limit=1. This works fine...
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    HTTP Request: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help.. I've created a process that retrieves request information, formats into SOAP XML message and POSTs to an API to create a case on the target application using the Utility - HTTP object. The API requires client certificate authentication & as such I load the...
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    Create tickets and attach emails using Rest API

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    Blueprism WebServices - Read Top Headlines

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know any web services that I can use to get Top 3-5 headlines from the tech website? Here is my requirement that I am interested to do, Using an API Call, create a process that goes to your favorite technology news site, pick up the top 3 to 5 headlines, and write the...
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    Insert image to google sheet

    Hello All, I need to put image into google sheet. I have tried to put image into collection and then write collection to google sheet, but this is not working. Any idea?
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    how to Make ( get and post ..... ) Request in blue prism ??

    Hi everyone, my problem is that i wanna make request from blue prism to get data from a ticketing system, i tried to do that with a vb.net code but unfortunately it doesn't work, also i try to do this with Webservices - REST BP object stage but it doesn't work, it show me an error of...
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    is there any api for getting bot running status in AA?

    Hi All, i have 10 vdi(Bot running Remote machine) and i have to monitor the machine by checking the bot is running or not so how to check the bot is running or not by using api in remote machine?
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    Automatic Generation of Documentation for Processes and Objects

    I want to create a library describing all the Objects and Processes I have created in Blue Prism. I know that I can temporarily display an API for Objects by clicking "Help>API Documentation" and then selecting the specific object. The questions I have are: How can I create a similar API for...
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    Using Blue Prism and Microsoft Graph

    I was curious if anyone has any experience integrating Microsoft Graph with Blue Prism. Any insight on your experience with Microsoft Graph would be helpful, even if you have not used it directly with Blue Prism. Thanks in advance!
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    How do I store an image into an image data item instead of manually importing it in Blue Prism? I need to automate it.

    I am Using Google Vision API to extract some data from some images. But the problem is that I need to manually import and assign the image file each time in the image data item for each time. How to get the image data item get automatically assigned by image path or something like that. Please...