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    When is the best scenario to share an Application Modeller ?

    Hi All We know we can make the application modeller shareable of an object. But in which scenarios we need to do that ? Can anyone provide some real scenarios ?
  2. R

    Automating checking for compilation errors for an existing process in Blue Prism using Blue Prism object

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a BP object that checks for a particular process to see if it has any compilation errors. If it does, then it gets all the existing errors and screenscrapes them onto some variable for future reading - possibly onto a word doc. 1. Currently, I'm using Application...
  3. M

    Identifying Elements On Webpage

    I am launching from Blueprism (Internet Explorer). The application modeler doesn't seem to be able to identify elements. Do I need to enable any settings to do this?
  4. S

    Not able to identify any element through Application Modeller for Apache open office writer

    I want to perform some manipulation in document of Apache open office writer, but I am not able to identify any element through Application Modeller. Can Anyone please help.
  5. N

    Read all values from complex html table

    Hi, I have an HTML data table that has a complex structure where some rows span multiple columns and other rows contain multiple column values. Here is the code of a similar table: <table> <caption>A complex table</caption> <thead> <tr> <th colspan="3">Invoice #123456789</th> <th>14 January...
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    How to open rdp file using Application modeller Blueprism

    Hi , I have an application which is open by the remote and its file name is "cpub-WestRdsh.rdp" When we double click on it the application open without username and password. At the same way, I need to open the application by double click on it. Is there any way to open by application modeler...
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    Attach to Internet Explorer (open through "run as" command)

    Hey, I'm trying to get attached to my Internet Explorer Instance, wich I startet via commandline as a different user ("run as ..."). Everytime I trie to get the Application modeler attach, the Error "more than one application matched the criteria". If I use the the Child Index given by the...
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    Problem with uploading a file popup?

    I am trying to automate an online upload process using Blue Prism and I have automated everything to the point where I am trying to click on what to upload after My File Explorer pops up and I have to select exactly which excel file I wish to upload. From what I've read on here, I should have to...
  9. Y

    Unable to Automate proxy settings

    Hello, Is there a way to set proxy in IE? I tried using windows application with executable "C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe" and passed CLI params as "shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL inetcpl.cpl,,4" Next step would be to click on LAN settings or send keys alt + l I tried all the way by spying...
  10. H

    Calling object from another object

    Hi , obj A it called once from the process, im tryting to call obj A from another obj B which is works, but all the application modelling is returning in no elements match the supplied query terms, any idea how to solve it . Thanks
  11. J

    Spy (Windows Security) login prompt in Windows 10

    Good day everyone! I just want to ask how to spy Windows Security Login prompt in Windows 10 in Application Modeler. What mode should I use?
  12. O

    Dynamic parameter error remaining in BO after deletion

    Hello everyone I have a weird issue in my BluPrism business object. I've got 37 errors with the same error description: "Description: Invalid expression for parameter in row 1 - Missing data: [Existing Windows Number]" for Wait, Read/Write and Navigate stages. The variable 'Existing Windows...
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    Getting error while running bot from process studio?

    Hi , I am getting below error while running from process studio. When I am running it from Object studio its working fine? what might be the issue.
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    Solved regular expression in weblink application modeler

    Hello, I have a question about blueprism : can i have two webpages links in application modeler, or can i use a regular expression in webpage link in application modeler. here's the thing, i am designing a robot that uses a webpage, let's say but the same robot can...
  15. K

    Wildcards or Regex in Match Type

    Hello! Please help me... I need to select a checkbox in a web page by the attribute "value" which must have this format: "RVCA" & <Current month> <Previous day> & ".DAT". What should I use as a match type? Wildcards? regex? and with what format should I do it? Example if it were today...