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  1. A

    Rpa framework for AA

    Dear all, It has been 6 months since we started our rpa journey with single bot deployed on production. Most of the use cases are mission critical and running at same time interval. We are looking for such framework that schedule, error handling, job specific parameters fed dynamically on...
  2. K

    Is it possible to run the loop for a particular period of time?

    Is it possible to run the loop for a period of particular time? Means we can run the loop command for 10 times in the same way is it possible to run for 15 minutes of time like that? Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    Convert Excel File To Pdf

    Hi, Can anyone help to solve the below query. 1) How to Convert excel to PDF. 2) How to convert specific sheet in excel to PDF. Above operation using automation anywhere tool. Thanks
  4. A

    How to find the Average of bottom 10 cells in excel

    Hi, I have an excel with 3 columns and i want to find the average of 10 rows from bottom only from column c. Ex: How the column c looks from bottom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 i want to find the average from bottom (14 to 5). Thanks
  5. K

    Automation Anywhere feature 10.5 and 10.7

    Hi, Can you help me to identify the list of features in 10.5 and 10.7? What is enhancement in 10.7 over 10.5? Thanks Shatdal
  6. R

    Finding the given number is prime or not

    How to find the given number is prime or not by using the automation anywhere
  7. S

    How to configure outlook automation in Blueprism

    Hi, I am trying to send emails using outlook in BluePrism likewise in UIpath. I am new to Blueprism but I don't find an option as Outlook or Exchange Server. I have searched the internet and came across a solution of installing Mapiex but I couldn't find the installable and it does not work with...
  8. Elena_L

    Career Scope in RPA

    Introduction Today, IT is one of the labour intensive industries leading to more scope of automation. The demand for RPA is booming as RPA marketing is increasing in the industry. It has just taken its baby steps in the field. It still has a long way to go. RPA adoption has grown exponentially...
  9. M

    Which is the best institute automation any where training in Hyderabad?

    HI can body suggest me which is the best institute automation anywhere training in Hyderabad?