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    Cant Update queue status in AA v24

    hi Team, There is a requirement of ours to update queue item as deferred if something fails. So we made a parser bot to get queue items and process it and based on the result it is supposed to update the queue. That works fine when the parser bot is not active but when it is active it does not...
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    Package XML A2019

    Hello everyone, how are you? I have the following XML: I'm trying to use the A2019 XML package action group the following action: get multiple nodes. Following some examples that I looked at on the internet I should put xPath this way: / nfeProc / NFe / infNFe / ide or / infNFe / ide So it...
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    How get the count of 2 filtered columns data in CSV?

    I have put CSV loop and inside that I have put if condition with variables. Just checking for the below scenario how to get the total count of both. 1- Total count of Receipt and Receipt Notice- When filtered with Receipt updated successfully 2- Total Count of receipt and receipt notice- when...
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    Active Directory Command

    Dear all, I am using this command: 'Active Directory > Create user' and it does create a user. However, this command creates an inactive user, I have double checked this, but nothing seems to work.
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    Data Extraction from Automation Anywhere

    Hello, I have written a task bot logic to extract the data from ecommerce website, where the data is spanning in multiple pages. Its working good for that search item in the site. I have put in a loop and now changed the search item every time, Now its not reading the similar data. Please help...
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    Blue Prism-Running background and foreground process

    I have 2 process p1 and p2. p1 contains one background object whereas p2 contains one foreground object. Now technically i should be able to run both p1 and p2 on single resource at the same time but I am getting resource busy error,Please help
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    How to clone the object in Automation Anywhere when both HTML objects have same properties?

    I am new to Automation Anywhere. I want to clone 2 different tables of single web-site. The problem is that both tables have same html-ID and the object cloning feature of automation anywhere clones the 1st table it gets and skips the 2nd one. Both table have same structure, same css class and...
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    Set-text doesn't simulate click

    Hi guys, I'm trying to fill up a form in a software called Datasul. The task is simple, just insert variable-values on specified fields. But when the robot inserts the value, an error appears just because the set-text doesn't simulate click before set text. There's a way to simulate click...
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    Hi my screen is changing for every minute with the same image but the positions of the image is different. Need to capture the particular image and the timing of the image also changing. One time it comes in 30 sec and once it came in 45th second like that randomly the image timing also changing...
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    Control room schedule--Scheduling the task from control room but the task is not running on scheduled time. How to debug this issue?

    I am Scheduling the task from control room but the task is not running on scheduled time. How to debug this issue? Thanks in advance.
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    How to read & write emails from thin Citrix Outlook via Automation Anywhere

    Hi Team, Looking for solution on below point, I am working on outlook and that outlook under thin Citrix environment so, How can I read & write emails in thin Citrix Outlook via Automation Anywhere? Awaiting for valuable response. Regards, Nikunj