automation anywhere enterprise 11

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    Port Number & Host Name

    Hi , I am trying to fetch the unread emails from outlook using automation anywhere. But port number or host name its throwing error. Can anyone help me on providing the port number and host name Thanks
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    SMTP Error

    Hi, When i am trying to fetch emails from outlook using SMTP ,the following error is throwing. Kindly help me to resolve this. Thanks
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    RPA - Automation Anywhere Overview

    Overview : * Automation Anywhere is one of the one of the RPA vendor offering powerful & user-friendly RPA capabilities to automate any monotonous tasks. AA(Automation Anywhere) combines conventional RPA with intellectual elements like natural language understanding and reading any...
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    Convert Excel File To Pdf

    Hi, Can anyone help to solve the below query. 1) How to Convert excel to PDF. 2) How to convert specific sheet in excel to PDF. Above operation using automation anywhere tool. Thanks
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    AAE was unable to unlock or logon onto the machine

    Getting below error in Control Room when we schedule and Run the Bot from Control Room in Automation Anywhere with virtual machine closed ,Locked or Logged off Error : AAE was unable to unlock or logon onto the machine
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    AA v11 Auto Login Windows 10

    I would like to know if it is possible to do autologin in windows 10, thanks.
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    Object cloning and Manage windows control not working when vm is disconnected

    Hi, object cloning and Manage windows control not working when Vm is disconnected. It is working fine when the vm is open and failing when vm is locked or disconneted. it also failing when Bot is locked or disconnected during the scheduled Run time
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    How to write a Table in to excel

    I have to get a table from the web and need to write it in EXCEL not is CSV from automation anywhere
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    Metabot for converting json to xml

    Hi, I am trying out Rest API call using automation anywhere. I get a response in the json format. Lets say I get something like this => {"error":false,"message":"68fd08f0-d5f4-11e8-b01b-db6ba7af2de6"} Now i am trying to get the value of message from it. Since there is no default JSON...
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    Solved solution (Automation Anywhere) Vivek Kumar

    Please find attached solution using automation anywhere. Please let me know in case of any help required......vivek
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    Excel row and column count

    Is there any way to get the row and column count in an Excel. Kindly provide some solution.
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    Web page attach functionality like Blue prism have

    Please tell me, Is there any functionality in AA to attach an already running web page when you are extracting pattern base data by using web recorder. Attach function like Blue Prism have in navigate stage. Thanks, Gaurav Sharma
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    AA Enterprise 11 Control Room login problem

    Hi everyone, I'm facing an http 500 error when I try to open the control room on any browser. I have just installed the Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and the installation happen properly. I have reinstalled "Microsoft SQL Server" and Automation Anywhere Control...