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    Virtual Meetup: PDF Operations in Automation 360 platform

    Join us today (15th Sep - 3 PM IST) for a virtual meetup to discuss about PDF Operations in Automation 360 platform. Our guest speaker and A-lister Theertha K S will walk us through a few cool demos on how you can work with PDF's. Register here:
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    Anyone has worked on SAP S/4 HANA migration project using RPA tools

    Hi All, We are evaluating a customer request of migration activities for SAP ECC system to S/4 HANA using any of the RPA tools. It helps if someone can help with proper development strategy and points to be considered. Thanks, Mahesh
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    OCR engines A2019

    Hi all, Can you please share what OCR engines are available and can be employed by automation anywhere? Tia
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    How to move from last row of column to first row of next column??

    Hi, In first row after iteration completes in column1 how to jump to Particular cell in column 2 for example: A9 to B3
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    SAP MetaBot : LoginOnExistingSession & Excecute.VBScript

    I have automated using MetaBot but in my 5th step I am using LoginOnExistingSession and 6th Step I am using Execute.VBScript with is not working giving "Error at line number 40". Any idea?
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    Does Automation Anywhere run more than one robot at the same time at the same machine?

    Hello everyone, My question is if the Automation Anywhere can run more than one robot in the same time on the same machine. And another question is if a person-user can work at his computer when a robot is running. Thanks a lot!
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    Moving cell values elsewhere within Excel

    Hi Could anyone advise me on how I'd move a block of cells elsewhere on my spreadsheet? For example I would like to move A64 - A126 to B1 to B63. Thanks
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    Automation Anywhere Player Freezing

    Hi, I have a problem with AA Player, when a process start on a machine after some time the application "freezes" then the player stop responding. Any idea what can be or how to solve? Thank you!
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    OCR Capture Area: Selected window and result is misaligned

    Hi, when I capture an area using OCR it actually scans a different window that is shifted from what I selected. I attached 2 screenshots, one that shows what I selected ("Invoice") and one that shows the result, which ended up being in the toolbar. I tried using different zooms but nothing...
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    AAE was unable to unlock or logon onto the machine

    Getting below error in Control Room when we schedule and Run the Bot from Control Room in Automation Anywhere with virtual machine closed ,Locked or Logged off Error : AAE was unable to unlock or logon onto the machine
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    AA v11 Auto Login Windows 10

    I would like to know if it is possible to do autologin in windows 10, thanks.
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    Fusion de DLL en una sola

    Buenas tardes, Actualmente tengo un problema con una biblioteca de clases ya que necesito comprimir varias DLL en una sola, para que el AA me permita el reconocimiento de DLL dependientes, mi proyecto tiene 10 DLL dependientes, pero al subirlos al AA y ejecutar el metabot me genera el error "No...
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    Object cloning and Manage windows control not working when vm is disconnected

    Hi, object cloning and Manage windows control not working when Vm is disconnected. It is working fine when the vm is open and failing when vm is locked or disconneted. it also failing when Bot is locked or disconnected during the scheduled Run time
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    Is there any technique present to find web page is loaded fully or not in automation anywhere?

    Is there any technique present to find web page is loaded fully or not in automation anywhere? Googled below result but below suggestion is not working for me 1) pick an element on the website which is loaded last/late and use Object Cloning to 'wait' for it to appear 2) Do use the “Wait...
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    Trigger not working every time in AA 11.1

    Hi All, I am facing issue with the trigger, I am using the trigger on a folder when any new file created in it, However, the trigger is not responding every time. So please suggest me how I can create a trigger which should work every time.
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    Lotus Notes & Trigger

    Hi all, I am trying to set an Email trigger using Lotus Notes. But I do not know if it is possible considering the compatibility between them. Is there anyone who has successfully set up the email trigger with IBM Lotus Notes? I am using Automation Anywhere. Best regards,
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    How to make XML Path dynamic?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if we can use dynamic path in the Start XML Session command. I would like to have different configuration files (xml format) called by the same bot. And the bot will be scheduled at two different times. So I was thinking to use wild card (*) in the XML path to make it...
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    Automation Anywhere File Trigger Failure

    I set a file trigger for my robot, but it does not function. Concretely speaking, if a person puts a file (any file) in the assigned folder, the robot is supposed to start working. However, the robot is not working. This happens frequently. For now, to fix it, restart PC is needed. In case...
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    Stuck at Keystroke command too long while running task

    I'm having an issue with the Keystroke command. When the task is running, the Keystrokes take ages to execute. But the task doesn't fail though. It is just stuck at the Keystroke command and then at some point will continue. Is there any way to make this faster?
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    Pass Json type data from variable to javascript code from automation anywhere

    Greetings, I want to pass a json value from a variable to javascript, but the problem is that it is not passing it the right way. Suppose {"name":"JANE","id":"20789","company":"HTC"} is my json data i store in a variable and try to pass it to script, it is passing the value without quotes...