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    String manipulation

    Hi, I need to replace the 9th and 10th character in a string with 00 1112223334 - Test 1112223300 - Result 111222333 Test 1112223300 - Result
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    How to check that every first letter of a data item is Uppercase?

    Hi All, How to check if every first letter of words in a data item is set to uppercase and the rest set to lowercase. ( Variable is the length of words can change in the data item) Data item = "joHn Michael Ryan" = False Data item = "John Micheal Ryan John" = True
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    REST Api How to post file to the server

    i am integrating REST api in blue prism, i am unable to send the pdf file to the server, how to send file to server and how to use code stage in web api services
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    Blue Prism IE blocked a pop up

    Hi, I am automating a web browser to download a certain file. But before I can get the file, i need to click "Allow Once" (See attached file). Can you help me out with this guys?
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    No Attach Option in Navigate stage for Mainframe Automation using Microfocus Reflection Desktop 16.1 (.Net API)

    Dear All, I am using Microfocus Reflection Desktop .Net API as application type in Application Modeller inside Blueprism for my mainframe application. I have configured the session file and other settings as mentioned in the document on portal...
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    Cant match an windows with Query Terms.

    Hi, Having issues with identifying spied element. I can select it in application Modeler however once I reset and run in object Studio I get the same error message again. "Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Read Stage 'Read Ref line' on page 'Order Confirmation' - Unable to match any windows...
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    Rename Excel File as Date Range

    I am executing a bot anyday between 04-08-2020 to 07-08-2020 and I need to rename an Excel file after execution from the dates between previous week Tuesday to current week Monday. For example: If I run a bot on anyday between 04-08-2020 to 07-08-2020, then the specified Excel file should be...
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    Need help to Identify chrome process is running or not in Blue Prism

    Hi, I need to identify whether "Chrome" process is currently running or not in Blue Prism. Can someone please help me in this.
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    Refreshing Pivot Table

    Hi everyone, After writing an appended collection to master excel file, when I refresh the file using MS Excel VBO with action 'RefreshPivotTable' I am getting an error : “The PivotTable field name is not valid. To create a PivotTable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with...
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    Different IBM Mainframes

    Hi everyone, Could not find the answer on the BP Portal, so I give it a try on this forum. Can anyone explain me the difference between the 3 IBM Mainframe options in BP, being: IBM Personal Communicator (COM API) IBM Personal Communicator (HLLAPI) IBM iAccess For Windows (EHLLAPI) Second...
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    Bot Work Time

    Is there a way in which we can extract a report of how many daily hours a bot has actually worked, during a given time period?
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    How to use blue prism to generate a custom reports With Multiple Bots?

    Hello, I am trying to generate a custom report in blueprism by adding custom data to a collection and then merging it with report data. If am running with Single Bot my report shows the custom data appended to report data. But when I run with multiple bots I only get the custom data for which...
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    How to check for a attachment is present or not in a mail using MS Outlook Email VBO

    Hi All, I have a scenario for outlook functionality that to check for a attachment in a mail, If attachment is present then i need to save that attachment. Can anyone could help me on this?
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    Timings on Blue Prism Database

    Hello All, I have blue prism installed locally on my company system. Both the Blue Prism Software and the Microsoft SQL database are in the same system. I notice that the timings for Queue shown in the Control Room differ from the timings present in Table BPAWorkQueueItem. For Eg, In the...
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    [Blue Prism] Tell me how to assign the value obtained from the two column values in Excel to a variable

    Assumptions What you want to do is as described in the subject line. The result is that the Collection data read from Excel I would like to take the form of assigning to a variable so that the value can be used universally. * Here, the Row of this Collection data is dynamic and there is one or...
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    Not able to see the code in object studio

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing good. I am facing an issue in Blue Prism, When i debug a process, i am able to go to one of the object studio page and i am not able to see the code written over there(Its not visible) but when you normally open the page directly from object studio i can see it...
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    Issue with sending email with attachment in Blue Prism

    I am trying to send send an email with attachment in blue prism, I am getting following error "Internal : Collection fields are defined but cannot be matched to the incoming collection - The collection definition does not contain the field path" in Send Email stage. Could you please help to...
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    Excel Update using OLEDB

    Hello All I am working on updating the excel using oledb query it is working for other cells but for one cell updation it is giving error as "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: No value given for one or more required parameter" Connection string ...
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    Enhancement to Code under "Utility- File Management" VBO to Get Pages and Word count

    Hello All, I am trying to get the Pages and Word count from the given folder "Get Files" action in "Utility- File Management" VBO. In Patterns CSV I'm simply using "*."* to get all files but in collection out I'm not getting "Page" and "Word count"column. I checked the Code stage for Get...
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    To read a virtual keyboard on the web, we must first identify a key path, identify the pattern of rows and columns, and identify it as a dynamic variable. I use a code in c # to create the arrangement of the different paths that it can take, and then a collection to go through and identify each...