#blue prism

  1. J

    Blue Prism Browser Mode Suddenly not Recognising Anything in Chrome

    Dear All, I am using Blue Prism v6.8.1, google chrome version 90.0.4430.212 (64 bit), blue prism extension 2.1.0, whereby an issue is occurring with spying elements on websites. Blue Prism fails to recognise any elements in browser mode, even those elements that have been previously recognised...
  2. J

    Using wildcard to Retrieve emails from the Outlook VBO

    Dear All, I need to extract emails from Outlook, based on the 'subject' field, the subject should be: [Number Code]&" - "& * &" - "[Customer Code] , where * is a wildcard character.... however Blue Prism is either generating an error with expression, or recognises the * as plain text.... Is...
  3. manik-sharma

    Code Stage to Download Attachments from .eml file

    Hi, I have an .eml file downloaded in a folder. The eml file has some XML attachments which I want to extract in a folder using Blue prism. Is there any way to extract those attachments from that already downloaded .eml file using any Code Stage in C#/VBA ? The eml file is being downloaded...
  4. M

    Compare collections/excel to get

    Hello, Can somebody help me write a Blue Prism Code or Excel Macro that will solve the problem below? I have two collection in input with same columns, I need to compared it. When Bot find difference - markt it. Using Loop and collections manipulations is too long for me.. Input: Source...
  5. M

    Deleted Object

    Can deleted Object be recovered?
  6. D

    SAP GUI automation using Blueprism. The text box id is getting changed frequently. So not able to spy the text box

    Hi All, am trying to automate one of the SAP screen using Blueprism. The Id of the text box is getting changed frequently. So not able to spy the text box. I have spyed the elements using SAP mode. As the ID’s are getting changed dynamically (approximately 6 hours) for the text boxes, Blue Prism...
  7. B

    Process is not running when VDI Halts

    Hi Team, I have BP Software in VDI when am running the BP process in VDI if VDI halts/stopped then the BP process is getting terminated is there any way to resolve this ? I want the BP process to be running in the background of VDI even when the VDI is stopped/terminated. Regards, Bhavani