blue prism get files from folder

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    Everytime the machine is reboot the robots can't access folders

    Hi, guys. I have a big issue, the robots were implemented on a Windows 10 Virtual machine and every time we have to reboot this machine to update, the robots loose all the connection with the folders, won't write or save excels file, and so on. It's like they lost the administrator privileges...
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    Appian VBO with File Download

    Hello Teams, I'm integrating Appian with Blue Prism, both in cloud. Appian starts a process, creates and then passes variables to BP. Among these variables there are documents, uploaded via an Appian Interface to its folders, in cloud. I need to pass this documents to BP. I'm planning to use the...
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    Working with multiple documents in Object Studio

    Hi. I'm new to BP and are currently working on a project where i want to handle / import multiple documents in Object Studio. The application that i currently have in Application Modeller contains of two "Windows" where i will place the documents. In window 1 i will place document 1, and in...
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    How can i read Sharepoint list?

    Hello, Is there any way to read SharePoint List and store that data into Collection or Excel. And Update that list. Thanks in Advance.
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    How to add Images on Microsoft PowerPoint

    Hello All, I am working on Microsoft Power Point Automation. On a standard Microsoft Power Point template, I need to add Images (.png,.jpg,.gif) in 4x4 format in a particular Text Frame. I am reading Images from shared location and all those Images are in a Collection. Can you please help me...
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    Convert text to number

    So I have some numerical data, round and floating points, stored in collection as a text field. My main goal is to sum all the values but i cant do it without converting them to number. I thought of using calculation stage and storing the values one-by-one in the number data type object. This...
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    Blue Prism:- How to get the list of files from folder using Utility- File Management

    Hi all, in Blue Prism, I am trying to get the list of the files from a folder and for that I am using "Utility- File Management" and in that I am using "Get Files" action. But please guide me what I need to write at following parameters? Input: Folder (Text): ?? Pattern CSV (Text): ...