blue prism spying

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    Unable to Highlight Chrome Elements after identifying them.

    Hi, I am trying to spy Chrome through Blue Prism 6.4 but am unable to Highlight the element after successfully Identifying the data. I even tried to select all the Match Parameters and Highlight but the element still wouldn't highlight and would keep throwing error - Error - Highlighting...
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    difficulty spying fields

    I was modelling a website with no issues. After running the process a few times, the object started taking over a minute, sometimes over 2 minutes, to locate the field or read the data in the field. Thinking it might have been a change in website code, I tried to model the fields again and...
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    What is the best way to extract the following text in a browser? Above three URLs are...
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    Read all values from complex html table

    Hi, I have an HTML data table that has a complex structure where some rows span multiple columns and other rows contain multiple column values. Here is the code of a similar table: <table> <caption>A complex table</caption> <thead> <tr> <th colspan="3">Invoice #123456789</th> <th>14 January...
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    How to spy on Calendar in BP

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could give me a little hints as to where I could go o spy on a calendar hosted on a web site. I currently can not type in the date in a text field so the only option is to use the gui and have the bot select the date. Any suggestion or help would be greatly...
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    Issue while spying SAP objects using Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am currently facing a weird issue while spying SAP[750 Final Release] objects using Blue Prism [Version 6]. NOTE : Scripting is Enabled and Default script setting RZ11 is made true. A>When i try to spy on User field ,it identifies the entire window instead of the actual object...
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    Spy Modes not working on Internet Explorer launched through Citrix

    Hi All, I am trying to spy some elements from a webpage launched through Citrix. I am able to launch and login to Citrix and also to launch Internet Explorer through Citrix. I am not able to spy any element from the Internet Explorer launched through Citrix. Please help!!!!
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    Can't select item in SAP using Code stage

    Hi, I am using SAP for a use case where I need to highlight a row and press a button. However, when I tried to use the SAP mode to spy this row that I need to highlight, it's unable to select that row as a unique element. Please refer to the image. I used the code stage (used SAPs built in...
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    Can't Read Text accurately From a Web page

    Hey Everyone, I am facing trouble reading the text from a webpage. I am using Region mode and "read text using OCR". It reads some part of the text correctly and adds some kind of gibberish to the remaining text. I think it is happening because of the design which surrounds the text. Text is...
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    How can i read Sharepoint list?

    Hello, Is there any way to read SharePoint List and store that data into Collection or Excel. And Update that list. Thanks in Advance.
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    How to add Images on Microsoft PowerPoint

    Hello All, I am working on Microsoft Power Point Automation. On a standard Microsoft Power Point template, I need to add Images (.png,.jpg,.gif) in 4x4 format in a particular Text Frame. I am reading Images from shared location and all those Images are in a Collection. Can you please help me...
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    Interacting with SAP Top Menu Bar

    Hi, all! I am automating SAP processes using Blue Prism. Some scripts I am making require interaction with SAP's top menu. The top menu bar of SAP that often displays options such as Menu, Settings, Edit, etc. (shown in picture). For some scripts I can get away with using F-commands, but...