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    How to use set data action

    Hello, I have been tasked with learning blue prism and do not come from a technical background so bear with me. I am following the training guide and I am stuck on exercise 9.3.4 "creating a narrative", I can seem to get the set data action working I keep getting the following error every...
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    How can i read Sharepoint list?

    Hello, Is there any way to read SharePoint List and store that data into Collection or Excel. And Update that list. Thanks in Advance.
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    How to add Images on Microsoft PowerPoint

    Hello All, I am working on Microsoft Power Point Automation. On a standard Microsoft Power Point template, I need to add Images (.png,.jpg,.gif) in 4x4 format in a particular Text Frame. I am reading Images from shared location and all those Images are in a Collection. Can you please help me...
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    Need Custom Code to Split String with delimiter

    Hello Team, I am having a requirement to split string of (Key, Value) format. First value will be field name and second value will be its value. Input string may vary with different length. Example : Input String : 'Name|Naveen|Job|Software|Country|India'. Expected Output : Name = Naveen...
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    How to launch .msc file extension

    Hello All, Is there any way to launch .msc file extension using Application Modeller? I am planning to close 'Task Scheduler'. Thanks in advance.
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    Check Folder Exist or Not

    Hello Team, I am having a requirement to check whether a particular folder (Process Files) exists or not in specified path (C:// Process Folders). If folder exists, I will not do anything. If folder doesn't exists, I need to create it by Bot. Is there any way to achieve it. Thanks in Advance.
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    Extract words from a sentence separated by comma

    Hi there, For example: Given Sentence- "House, Building, Farm, Office" How can I extract each words separated by comma and store them in my collection. Cheers.
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    MAPIEx Send Email issue in Production

    Hello All, I am having one email ID ( which is configured with outlook in two servers (Server 1 & Server 2). Outlook is configured offline with the help of 'ost' file. I created an object to send emails using MAPIEx outlook, it is able to send emails properly but some time it is...
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    Internal : Could not execute code stage because execution thrown by code stage : Could not find installable ISAM

    Hello All, I am getting below error in PROD server when it is trying to read CSV file in to Collection. "Internal : Could not execute code stage because execution thrown by code stage : Could not find installable ISAM" Can you please help in this.
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    Automate.exe has stopped working

    Hello Team, I am trying to spy elements (Textbox, Dropdown) etc using AA mode and after spying it and selected elements. When I tried to highlight that element it is displaying "Automate.exe has stopped working" error and blue prism is closing without saving any data. Attached are the...
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    Steps to Read multiple pages table data

    Hello All, I am having a scenario to read a tabular data having multiple pages using AA mode into collection. Attached is my scenario screen shot.
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    Need Steps to make filter conditions dynamic

    Hello Team, I am having a scenario to filter the tabular conditions with Choose Field dropdown, Operator Dropdown and value textbox. I Spied all these 3 controls in AA mode in the first row and I am able to enter those values. But when I tried to enter other filter values in 2nd row am unable...
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    How to Generate Dashboard with Work Queue Items

    Hello All, Can you please let me know how to get a dashboard with aggregates the data by status in Work Queue. I want to Generate pie chart with different statuses in work queue like how many orders are created over time, etc. Thanks in Advance.
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    Work Queue Reporting

    Hello All, What is Work Queue Reporting and steps to do it. Thanks in Advance.
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    Assign Web Service to a Server

    Hello All, Is there any way to assign web service to a dedicated server in Production. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Process Run modes

    Hello All, Is there any other way to run the Process other than Scheduling, Manual run, Run from control room. Actually I am having 3 Processes. I will run process 1 by scheduler after this I will run Process 2 to load items to work Queue. Is there any option to check work queue items and...
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    Web Service URL error

    Hello All, I created a web service and configured in System tab--> Web services section in BP. Web service URL : http://servername:portnumber/webservice/ when I open this service in browser, it is showing correct web service processes & business objects URL. But I am having 4 servers to run...
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    The Future in Blue Prism Automation Tool

    Introduction We witness many processes daily. Some processes like the functionality in a call center, attending to user resolutions, welcome services at the restaurant and delivery of items ordered online. Few employ the latest innovations in technology that involves continuous lines of code...