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    Need Custom Code to Split String with delimiter

    Hello Team, I am having a requirement to split string of (Key, Value) format. First value will be field name and second value will be its value. Input string may vary with different length. Example : Input String : 'Name|Naveen|Job|Software|Country|India'. Expected Output : Name = Naveen...
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    How to launch .msc file extension

    Hello All, Is there any way to launch .msc file extension using Application Modeller? I am planning to close 'Task Scheduler'. Thanks in advance.
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    Check Folder Exist or Not

    Hello Team, I am having a requirement to check whether a particular folder (Process Files) exists or not in specified path (C:// Process Folders). If folder exists, I will not do anything. If folder doesn't exists, I need to create it by Bot. Is there any way to achieve it. Thanks in Advance.
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    Solved regular expression in weblink application modeler

    Hello, I have a question about blueprism : can i have two webpages links in application modeler, or can i use a regular expression in webpage link in application modeler. here's the thing, i am designing a robot that uses a webpage, let's say but the same robot can...
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    MAPIEx Send Email issue in Production

    Hello All, I am having one email ID ( which is configured with outlook in two servers (Server 1 & Server 2). Outlook is configured offline with the help of 'ost' file. I created an object to send emails using MAPIEx outlook, it is able to send emails properly but some time it is...
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    Internal : Could not execute code stage because execution thrown by code stage : Could not find installable ISAM

    Hello All, I am getting below error in PROD server when it is trying to read CSV file in to Collection. "Internal : Could not execute code stage because execution thrown by code stage : Could not find installable ISAM" Can you please help in this.
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    Automate.exe has stopped working

    Hello Team, I am trying to spy elements (Textbox, Dropdown) etc using AA mode and after spying it and selected elements. When I tried to highlight that element it is displaying "Automate.exe has stopped working" error and blue prism is closing without saving any data. Attached are the...
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    Steps to Read multiple pages table data

    Hello All, I am having a scenario to read a tabular data having multiple pages using AA mode into collection. Attached is my scenario screen shot.
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    Need Steps to make filter conditions dynamic

    Hello Team, I am having a scenario to filter the tabular conditions with Choose Field dropdown, Operator Dropdown and value textbox. I Spied all these 3 controls in AA mode in the first row and I am able to enter those values. But when I tried to enter other filter values in 2nd row am unable...
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    How to Generate Dashboard with Work Queue Items

    Hello All, Can you please let me know how to get a dashboard with aggregates the data by status in Work Queue. I want to Generate pie chart with different statuses in work queue like how many orders are created over time, etc. Thanks in Advance.
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    Work Queue Reporting

    Hello All, What is Work Queue Reporting and steps to do it. Thanks in Advance.
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    Assign Web Service to a Server

    Hello All, Is there any way to assign web service to a dedicated server in Production. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Process Run modes

    Hello All, Is there any other way to run the Process other than Scheduling, Manual run, Run from control room. Actually I am having 3 Processes. I will run process 1 by scheduler after this I will run Process 2 to load items to work Queue. Is there any option to check work queue items and...
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    Web Service URL error

    Hello All, I created a web service and configured in System tab--> Web services section in BP. Web service URL : http://servername:portnumber/webservice/ when I open this service in browser, it is showing correct web service processes & business objects URL. But I am having 4 servers to run...
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    Solved Blue Prism not attaching to Already Opened Browser.

    Hi, I am currently using BP version 5.0.3 I am currently facing a problem where my BP does not attach to an already opened Internet Explorer 11. I provided the Window Title with wildcard included, with the process name, it still is not able to attach properly. When i opened my task manager, i...
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    Window title in web automation

    Hi, I am working with web automation, for attaching (navigation) we have to pass window titles, I tried to find the window title in the source code of that website but can't find any. So is there any way to find the window title or any other way to attach the website .. The URL of the site...
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    How to attach the exist Browser

    Hello, I opened Browser now after some actions I want to attach the existing browser. Now How to do it with "Attach" action. Please anyone create object upload in forum