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    How to integrate dropdown list using BP

    I would like to send an email and this email should contain a column that gives me a "dropdown list" so that the receiver of the email can choose from the options and reply back. How can this be achieved by using blue prism?
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    Dropdown Selection Not Recognized When Using "Select Item"

    Hi friends, this forum has been a great help to me in the past and I'm hoping it can be once again. BP Version: 6.10.1 Browser: Edge Version 91.0.864.48 Issue: I'm working on a build where I interact with a web application. On this website I make selections in different dropdown menus, and in...
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    context menu and dropdown list

    Hi Do you know HOW i Desktop Automation in our ERP system (we use IFS) I can open the context menu ? Normally we do it with RMB, but when i try to do in in DA The menu disappears before i do the action. I tried to do instant click and then click in what is needed then group the steps, but it...
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    Problem with Drop Down box

    I am trying to select country in a combo box, which is dynamic value i get from the collection. However, I am not able to spy the field as combo box in HTML mode. When I click on the box it opens a text edit field below it (As shown in the attachment) and when I enter the value (country name)...